March 13 – Sprinkled and Cleansed

To remove the defilement, put some of the ashes from the burnt purification offering in a jar, and pour fresh water over them. Then someone who is ceremonially clean must take a hyssop branch and dip it into the water. That person must sprinkle the water on the tent, on all the furnishings in the tent, and on the people who were in the tent; also on the person who touched a human bone, or touched someone who was killed or who died naturally, or touched a grave. On the third and seventh days the person who is ceremonially clean must sprinkle the water on those who are defiled. Then on the seventh day the people being cleansed must wash their clothes and bathe themselves, and that evening they will be cleansed of their defilement. (Numbers 19:17-19)

Read: Numbers 19:1-20:29, Luke 1:1-25, Psalm 56:1-13, Proverbs 11:8

Relate: Ask Abbey… OT style.

Dear Abi,
Help! My grandfather was over visiting my tent. He fell asleep and never woke up. What do I do?
Unclean Zeb

Dear Zeb,
I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Do you need help regarding the funeral arrangements, inheritance issues, purifying your tent, or keeping Uncle Levi in line?

Dear Abi,
Thank you. Grandpa lived a full, long life of one hundred three years. We have the funeral well in hand and obviously I am getting the double portion since papa has passed and Levi is an irresponsible lout. What I am really concerned about is the purification rites. What do I do?
Unclean Zeb

Dear Zeb,
Don’t worry, we can have the issue “cleaned” up in a week. First, you need to offer a burnt offering. Save some of the ashes from that and mix them in a jar with water. Then take a branch of hyssop, dip it in the water, then sprinkle the tent, anything in the tent grandpa might have touched, and everyone who was in the tent. Sprinkle those people three days and one week later. After that week, everybody needs to take a bath and, walla, you’re all clean again.

Dear Abi,
Why hyssop?

React: Then Jesus, knowing everything was finished cried out, “I thirst”. Sour wine was put on a sponge, that sponge was put on a branch of hyssop, and it was offered to Jesus. When Jesus received it, He cried out “It is finished.” Then He died.

hyssop2There is not perfect certainty about what the hyssop plant was but the most accepted, and logical choice is the caperplant, the Capparis Spinosa of Linnaeus. This plant is known for its cleansing properties, its Arabic name is “asuf”, and it makes beautiful flowers. Whatever the hyssop plant was, it was a means by which the burnt sacrifice (Jesus) was applied to the unclean that it might be made pure. The hyssop was a tool that demonstrated that life can begin again after the tragedy of death has struck. It is a tool that washes what it touches so that those who have become unclean need not remain so forever. Am I being hyssop in my world?


Dear God,
Help me to be a tool applying Your blood to my world. Just as I have been sprinkled and cleansed, do the same with everything I touch. I am so thankful for Your sacrifice. I am so grateful that You offered up Yourself that I might be made clean. Help me now to be an agent of cleansing in my world.

3 thoughts on “March 13 – Sprinkled and Cleansed

  1. Amen. An agent of change – loving truthfully all people as God’s creation, praying for thier salvation and well being, while living a life of integrity as a true disciple of Christ Jesus I ask Oh Lord.

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