Lobbying God

We just don’t call it bribes anymore. Lobbying is a much more sanitized word. And obviously, it works. There wouldn’t be over 3 billion dollars a year spent by certain interests to make sure certain politicians voted they way they wanted them to if it wasn’t working.

It Doesn’t Add Up

When we try to bend, twist, and shove it into a narrow-minded twenty-first century limited understanding of “inerrancy” we do the Bible injustice and completely miss the bigger picture.


Icons. Images. However well intentioned, it is idolatry. I can’t just worship God however I feel like it. I must be obedient to what He has commanded.


One hundred fifty-two years ago today everyone in America was made free. As is evidenced by injustices all around us, we are not yet all considered equal.

Silver Bells

Father Ekkehard was a kindly man. He had been the abbot for our small monastery probably longer than I had been alive. This morning he saw that I was out of sorts and he pulled me aside for a discussion. In a small, closed knit community like ours, it was not good to allow frustrations…