March 12 – Dead No Longer

But the angel said, “Don’t be alarmed. You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Look, this is where they laid his body. (Mark 16:6)

Read: Numbers 16:41-18:32, Mark 16:1-20, Psalm 55:1-23, Proverbs 11:7

Relate: On Friday, February 1, 2008, WSVN news channel 7 related an event that even I tend to be skeptical about. Jeff Markin was in the emergency room of a hospital in Palm Beach Gardens when he has a massive heart attack and dies. For forty minutes the staff tries to revive him to no avail. Dr Chauncey Crandall was about to call it when he felt God stirring his spirit to pray for the man. Other doctors and nurses were already preparing Jeff for the morgue when he prays for him. Once again they shock him and instantly hear a perfect heartbeat. The dead was dead no longer.

I’ve met and heard stories from missionaries in other parts of the world who have seen and experienced such resurrections. I’ve read about it happening in times past through the faith of men of God like Smith Wigglesworth. Of course there’s that bestselling book about the boy who comes back from the dead. I will do my best to keep the sarcasm out of my voice in relating that one. No… really. Jesus raised more than a few people in his day, the most famous being Lazarus. But Jesus is the only one who, once dead, raised Himself back to life. His visit to the grave was a short one. He was just making a delivery (my sin), and doing some vandalism (kicked down the gates) and theft (the keys).

React: God’s victory over death holds a promise for me. If He doesn’t come back first one day I will die. It might be a car accident. Maybe a heart attack. I might just die in my sleep after a long life. Maybe I’ll be skydiving and the parachute won’t open. (That would be a pretty cool way to go) The fact is, my life has an expiration date on it. According to my death clock I’m going to die Monday, February 13, 2062. I am quite certain that clock, when I checked it, did not take into account where I now live. Even still, no matter when it happens, some day my heart will stop. People will cry and place my body in the ground. And there I will wait.

Yes… wait. Because someday He will come back. And when He does I will rise up from that ground. Death will die and I will be dead no longer. There is a wedding I, and all those who have entrusted their lives into His care will attend. Eternity awaits and I will be there. Will you?


Dear God,
Help me to always remember that this life is not the end. There is a life beyond this and all I will carry with me from here to there is my actions and memories. Help me to spend my time in this life in such a way that what I do carry with me will be worth keeping for eternity. Thank You for rising and the promise it holds that one day I too will be dead no longer.

5 thoughts on “March 12 – Dead No Longer

  1. Blessed hope. I like your death date; I will plan on going with you. I’m 83 now, so you see why I’m pleased with that date! I love the way you tell what Jesus did when he was in the grave. Amen!

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