The River Walk Update and a Free Book

Way back in October, 2012 I started writing on The River Walk so that those at Two Rivers Church could have a daily devotional to help them in their daily walk. That is still a major purpose of this devotional but the vision has grown. At Two Rivers we try to stay mission focused by asking the question, “If we were the only church on the planet, what would we be doing differently? How can we do that now?” If the River Walk were the only presentation of the gospel online, how would we write differently? The vision for The River Walk is to be a means of evangelism for the entire world and a tool for the strengthening of the church worldwide.

Today there are 975 devotional posts on our page. They have been viewed more than 425,000 times with over 150,000 viewers and have sparked a conversation of almost eleven thousand comments. As amazing as all that has been, we are just getting started. Even if each of those “viewers” represents a different person then there are multiple billions of people yet to be reached. There is just so much more that can be done.

With that in mind, the River Walk is stepping into a new platform. While we will still be daily writing here, we are now going to be available offline as well. January through May monthly devotionals are available on Amazon for as cheap as they allow me to make it ($0.99 in the US). June will be up there in the next week or so and the goal is to have each new month available at least two weeks in advance.

As a thank you for all who have walked this journey with us, the May edition of Walking With the Beloved will be available for free from now through April 30. Feel free to pick up your copy, pass along the link, and most importantly that God will go beyond our expectations in this new platform just as He has done here on The River Walk. On every platform let everything be done that the world may hear and so He might receive the glory.

wwb may

12 thoughts on “The River Walk Update and a Free Book

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  2. I love the way you guys think. I left the church after years of hearing that even if we were the last and only church on earth we wouldn’t do anything different no matter who doesn’t show up 😛 thanks.

  3. Thanks for this bit of history into how you came to be writing these amazingly insightful and engaging blogs. I love your story and witness. I have downloaded May for free 🙂 and share this with friends so hopefully spreading the good news around the noble. I can’t wait to read today’s devotional.

    Thank you, thank God for you.

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