Prayer Positioning (6/17/13)

Read: 1Kings 18:1-46, Acts 11:1-30, Psalm 135:1-21, Proverbs 17:12-13

So Ahab went to eat and drink. But Elijah climbed to the top of Mount Carmel and bowed low to the ground and prayed with his face between his knees. (1 Kings 18:42)

Elijah prayer

Relate: There is two possible ways to understand Elijah’s position in prayer. This picture isn’t one of them. One is that, at the top of the mountain, he bowed low from a standing position so that his body was doubled over. I’m not very flexible and the only way I could hold myself in a position close to this is if my elbows rested on my knees and my folded hands held my head in place. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

The other way is if he got down on his knees then folded his body up so that the top of his head would be touching the ground with his face towards his knees. This is the traditional understanding and its my take as well. It fits what is said in the KJV that he cast himself down on the earth. Either way there are two things that both positions share: 1) It is very uncomfortable. 2) You can see nothing around you.

Prayer is not necessarily something that is easy or comfortable. In prayer he intentionally shut himself from the world around him. These are two of the four things this scripture teaches us about prayer. In addition we learn that Elijah continued in prayer until he saw an answer, but once he had one, he immediately acted on it. Also, even though God already spoke through Elijah what was going to happen, it did not come until Elijah prayed it into existence.

React: Prayer isn’t as easy as the snooze button. It isn’t as comfortable as watching the NBA finals or the latest season of the Voice. It’s not as fun as hopping on my bike and heading over to the park. But sometimes I need to shut off those things of the world around me. I need to climb that mountain and cast myself to the ground in humility before my Father. God is going to move and I need to position myself through prayer into what He is going to do or else get caught up in the coming storm. Once in prayer, I need to pray through. A polite little request, thank you, and get on my way simply will not do it. I need to pray, pray again, and then pray some more. After that I must keep on praying until I have received my answer. God’s promises are real. They are valid. They are for today. And for some reason, He has chosen to unlock them for us through prayer.


Let it rain. You have promised to pour out Your Spirit. It will happen. A storm is coming like nothing this world has yet seen. God, let it come. Help me, help us to find ourselves in a position of prayer that we might be ready when it comes. Make us ready so that when the winds begin to blow, we will be ready to run with it. Until then, let us persevere in calling out for You.

14 thoughts on “Prayer Positioning (6/17/13)

  1. How bizarre, I just heard this song “Let it Rain” for the first time about two hours ago and now I see it here. God is definitely about to do something, I actually believe that the rain is already falling, we just need to prepare our hearts and others’ in order to catch it. THanks for this and God bless

  2. Shutting off everything else from sight and intrusion into one’s time with God the Father … yes, thanks for the reminder.
    When I sit in the presence of such prayer that is between the pray-er and the Lord–totally oblivious to my presence–I am in awe, for I know God is there, in might and in power. Such were the experiences of the disciples, as they hovered nearby while Jesus spoke to the Father.

  3. Interesting post. When we pray we are to be focused on what we are saying, not the “stuff” going on around us,but how many of us can do that? I struggle with not being distracted, hence the reason I focus on what I am saying. I emphasize the words and imagine what I am saying. I often pray on a daily basis, but God does not always give me what I am asking for. He gives me what I need for the day. If you struggle looking for a prayer to say, say the Lord’s prayer as it has everything in it that needs to be said.

  4. I have to say i am very impressed with the way you efficiently blog and your posts are so informative. You have really have managed to catch the attention of many it seems keep it up!

  5. Oh yes, position is everything – God is sovereign, we are not. I pray quick prayers, but there are times where I have to insulate myself, get away with God, and most important, not just pray, but listen. And wait to hear what He has to say. Great post and teaching.

  6. This post is such an encouragement to me. I have been praying for 11 years to be involved in a church plant/bible study that truly glorifies the LORD. Your comment that “His promises are real” was a great boost to me today. I have prayed, I am praying and I will continue to pray.

  7. Wonderful post! In our church, we have kneelers and spend most of the service on our knees. After a recent back injury, I was really struggling to stay in this position. I’ve also experienced a sense of profound peace on my knees.

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