God, Why Don’t You Answer Me?


I cry to you, O God, but you don’t answer. I stand before you, but you don’t even look. You have become cruel toward me. You use your power to persecute me. You throw me into the whirlwind and destroy me in the storm. (Job 30:20-22 NLT)

Read: Job 28, Job 29, Job 30, 2 Corinthians 2:12-17, Psalm 42:1-11, Proverbs 22:7

Relate: I’m pretty sure there is nothing in the world more discouraging and depressing than to feel God has turned away from you. This is where Job found himself. His life was in shambles, and there was no help from God. He was crying out to him, but but there was no reply. Life felt as though there was no hope because the turmoil was too great. Not only did he feel that God was refusing to answer him, but he felt God was trying to destroy him. For some, this is exactly how they feel, and others are so blessed, they can’t begin to fathom the feeling.

React: God is too large to fathom. He is too complex to understand. We cannot grasp why some are blessed beyond measure and some suffer again and again. One thing we do know is God’s plans are better than our plans. He is sovereign, and we are not. One phrase has stood out to me again and again as I read through the Bible this year: “unfailing love.” It is found in today’s reading of Psalm 42. The psalmist is heartbroken and distressed. Yet, he encourages himself by remembering God’s “unfailing love.” All throughout scripture, God’s love is described as unfailing no matter what circumstances are described. Although it may feel as though you are abandoned, you are not. Although it may feel God is trying to destroy you, he is not. He is loving you.

Job cried out to God and cried out to God and cried out to God…. and then God revealed his presence to Job. Job’s response was a complete retraction of his complaints. He did not question his experiences or why God didn’t show up earlier. He was simply in awe of God- no explanation necessary. My prayer for those feeling as Job did in chapter 30 to experience the God who is currently loving them with an unfailing love.


Dear God, it can be so hard to understand why we experience the things we do in life. Sometimes we feel lost and alone, and we struggle to feel you close to us. I pray that you would reveal your unfailing love to us today. Thank you for never giving up on us and loving us with an unstoppable love. Amen.

30 thoughts on “God, Why Don’t You Answer Me?

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  2. I have been reading Tender Warrior by Stu Weber and it has been speaking about the character of Job a lot. Loved this.

  3. I just read this scripture: Romans 8:17 For scripture says to the king of Egypt, “I made you king in order to use you to show my power and to spread my fame to the whole world.
    When I read this scripture and now your blog I came to realization that in all things God is working it together to reveal His Glory, His Splendor, His Power. Whether that revelation be for us personally or whether that circumstance be a revelation to those who have not yet encountered Christ Jesus. He uses are circumstances as an introduction to those who don’t know him yet. Or as a reminder to us who know him… It’s beautiful. Full of purpose…

  4. If only we truly understood what Scripture means when it says “unfailing love” … “steadfast love” … we would understand that God’s love for His people is a bedrock upon which we can rest secure, through His Son, Christ our Lord.

  5. thank you for your sharing. i was looking at the word ‘answer’ this morning within a Hebrew root word that also means settle, resolve, complete, fulfill. i resonate with you that ABa knows Infinitely Best how to Shepherd me and Desires the Finest for me. perhaps in my finite understanding is limiting my grasp of Final Outcome. i feel grateful for ABa’s Faithful Devotion to each of us to Bring About the Best End for us. thus, i seek ABa’s Will whenever i don’t understand all that is happening but may choose to trust in Eternal Settlement, Comfort Of Assurance AMeN.

  6. Excellent break down. Now I will just wait and see what God will say to me when His timing steps into my situations. Thank you for that inspiring, thought provoking analysis.

  7. The kingdom of God is within His children. We have to put our full attention on His answers whether we wish to hear them or not. This is why I think some don’t hear Him. He will answer. Put your heart in the right place and He will be there for you even when the world is not.

  8. Reblogged this on ZETINE………..experience the info and commented:
    So many times we question God why this, and why that. We ask God why he hasn’t answered our prayers after so much cry unto him. It could seems as if God doesn’t look at your side as Job felt back then, but always remember this, his thoughts are not our thoughts, nor his ways are our ways. He has planned it all from the begining and he only knows what he’s doing with our destiny; it will all come out in praise and thanksgiving. It may seems unpleasant and difficult at the present, continue to trust in him because he only knows what he is doing. He is God who knows all and in whom all things consist, and that’s why he is called the Alpha and Omega. Job said, “Though he slays me, yet will i trust in him”. It wasn’t convenient for Job, yet he trusted in God and eventually, God showed forth his majesty in his life.
    You may be going through tough times and rough times in your home, in your business or work, in your marriage, in your relationship or in your career. One thing you should always bear in mind is that you are not alone, God is with you. You are always on God’s mind and he hasn’t forgotten or left you. He is with you always and that situation can not last for long, don’t worry, keep strong, move on and keep trusting in him. HE WILL DO IT and YOU WILL TESTIFY AT THE END

  9. Like spoilt children we too often demand what we want, I include myself in this failing
    What we forget is that God is always there and carries us through the hard times (Footprints poem)

  10. We too often are like spoilt children wanting eveything our way right now – I include myself in this failing
    We forget God carries us in the hard times (footprint poem)
    I loved the way you explained Job’s situation and how he then stood iawe of God

  11. No man can live with being the son of a monster without self-destructing…. All I want is for the pain to stop, nothing more, nothing less… If I’m going to remember the agony of this life after I get to heaven then I prefer oblivion where memories don’t exist.

  12. When God is complicated to understand, then when you get involved with the complex, then perhaps you too will have complexity in understanding your life. Accepting whatever God does is a sign of true love for God.

  13. I have the experience I remember not long ago as things were going bad I called of Jesus I said it like this “Lord where are you, I know you are here remember me” Yes it is painful at times where there seems to be no answer from God. It is because we believe him and are sure that He is real that s why we feel so disappointed but this salvation walk is not about feeling it is our faith lining up with God’s will.

  14. Satan is the one that wants to destroy us. He comes to steal, kill and destroy but there is good news Jesus has overcome the works of the devil. It’s a “fixed fight.” All, we have to do is stay in the ring and trust God to fight our battles.

  15. I appreciated this post. I do believe that whenever we need God he is always there. He is ready for us to pour our hearts out to him. We have to be humble enough to go to him and accept his direction. Philippians 4:6 tells us to not be anxious over anything, and continue to make our petitions known to God. Whenever you need God continue to go to him because he always is listening.

  16. Sometimes…a lot of times…I’ve felt the way that Job did. And oftentimes God reminds me of His presence and love for me. Sometimes I still get stuck in the muck … but somehow God always pulls me out of it.

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  18. God doesn’t respond to us because we don’t have the holy spirt to, like for example, there maybe someone who says their holy and they go home and eat chicken, In order to obtain true salvation you need a true saint, it is proven in every holy scripture🙏

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