A Multitude Of Heavenly Hosts

multitude of heavenly hosts

When the angels had returned to heaven, the shepherds said to each other, “Let’s go to Bethlehem! Let’s see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” (Luke 2:15)

Read: Numbers 24:1-25:18, Luke 2:1-35, Psalm 59:1-17, Proverbs 11:14

Relate: I was browsing around youtube trolling for a specific video to use for a specific purpose. The one I ended up choosing is great but before I got to it, I happened to see this one here. When I was reading through today’s scripture, that video jumped to mind when I got to Luke 2:15. So here you go…

Something will come and the world will stop and take notice. Most will do their best to make war on it but their weapons will prove useless. A precious few, be they king or pauper, will have courage enough to cross the veil. When finally all will see the One who has come in His unfiltered glory, all will fall to their knees in worship. Will you be among the few who do so now?

React: “A multitude of heavenly hosts.” The ESV, KJV, and NASB all use this phrase. The way I read the Greek it is “a large number of celestial armies.” Do you see it? It isn’t just one very big army. No, it is an abundance of armies. If Homer were writing Luke I would probably read of the “countless legions arrayed in the skies.” No matter how you read it, there were a lot of angels up there and they were not being quiet. So why was it that only a very few shepherds were the ones saying, “Let’s go check this out!” Where was everyone else?

Would I have been with those shepherds? Would you? When we hear about God moving somewhere or doing something today can we be bothered to go see for ourselves? Are we so drowned into the noise of the world that we cannot even hear when multitudes of heavenly hosts start screaming? Will we come to Him or is it too bothersome to get off our couch?


Dear God,
Please do not let anything ever get in the way of my coming to You. If You are moving, I want to be there. If You are intervening in our world, I want to be a participatory vessel. Let me me never be too busy or distracted or disinterested in what You are doing. Let the noise of the tug and pull of this world never drown out the great multitude of heavenly hosts screaming out Your love for us.

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