I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. Now, Father, bring me into the glory we shared before the world began. (John 17:4-5)

Read: John 15:18 – 17:26

Relate: My internet browsing the other day led me to a specific blog on leadership and I just want to share a little snippet of what I read:

Q: I’ve read a lot of prescriptions for success, but these days you don’t hear much about hard work. It’s certainly a factor, but is it really the preeminent qualification for success?
A: I really believe it is. Innovation doesn’t happen without hard work. Producing a great product or service doesn’t happen without hard work. Real leadership happens in the trenches, not on the golf course. Software doesn’t get produced without thousands of hours of hard work. Of course, you have to be smart, you have to have the right strategy, you have to have a great culture. But hard work is what translates vision and ideas into results. Study the best of the best and you’ll find that they really do work harder than everyone else.

The reason hard work is rewarded is because it is honorable. It shows strength of character. It is the mark of a person who has a vision and a purpose. They say hard work is its own reward. It is. But it also brings reward. When Jesus was praying to the Father, He was saying, “I’ve done it. I’ve put in the time, and the sweat, and the tears. I’ve done the work.” About the work He put in, He was saying two things: 1) It brings God glory. 2) It qualifies Jesus for glory.

React: I heard someone recently say, “We can’t really be overcomers unless there is something we have overcome.” In the beginning of the book of Revelation John writes a series of letters the churches he used to pastor. In each, the conclusion reads: “To the one who is victorious I will…” There is a reward. It goes to the one who has been victorious. If there is no fight, there can be no victory. If there is no work, there can be no reward.

The way I work brings glory to the Father. Is that last sentence true? Can I really say I am working hard at doing the task He has called me to do? When my life clock has wound down close to zero will I be able to say, “I’ve finished the work?” Or will I look back at all that was left incomplete because the latest episode of Game of Thrones kept me from truly working for His and The Walking Dead described both my apathetic lifestyle and the way I have wasted my time?


God, help me to work for You. Help me to realize that the ethic with which I go about my day brings glory, or shame, to Your Name. Let the effort into which I serve You and live in my world be a demonstration of my gratitude for all You have done for me. Until that day I am glorified, let me be about bringing glory to You.

3 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Beejai, your prayer was open in my email when I finished work yesterday and was still there when I opened my computer this morning. So precious, as I had just prayed that the Lord would help me put on a heart of gentleness and that I would be used to be an encouragement to someone so that God may be glorified. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and shone as only God’s Glory can shine. May you be blessed this day. Thank you for your beautiful words. Debbie

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