John 4:28 (Greater Need)

Water Edit

The woman left her water jar beside the well and ran back to the village, telling everyone, (John 4:28)

1148825_845836305443726_5665889301292387055_nRead: Joshua 18:1 – 19:48

My cousin posted a picture of a modern version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs today that earned a chuckle and probably got me thinking along these lines. I’ve seen this pyramid since high school and I’m sure I’ve talked about it and referred back to it at least once or twice in my days of preaching and teaching and writing. Even though I didn’t mention it specifically, I wrote on wants and needs just a week or two back in a couple posts. (Like Never Thirst) The Samaritan woman probably didn’t “want” to be at that well. But she couldn’t live without water. This whole conversation started because she showed up to get some water from this well and Jesus, who was already there, was thirsty as well. So read verse 28 again. Look at what she left behind when she headed back to town.

React: The wifi at the bottom of this picture is humorous but there is a greater, more basic need than even air and water, food and shelter. In Him we live and move and have our very being. God in our lives is of greater import than even the water we drink. His presence is more essential than the very air we breathe. Without Him, we haven’t truly come alive.


God, I need You. More than anything… more than everything, I need You. Help me ever to live aware of, and longing for more of, Your presence in my life. You are my life.


8 thoughts on “John 4:28 (Greater Need)

  1. I’ve never seen that hierarchy thing revised that way but this past weekend our family was discussing a move and first thing or 15 year old son said was we gotta move to a place that has good internet

  2. BJ. That is the best!! Roaring with laughter – which freed up all those analysing brain cells to “get it” in the same moment. Brilliant and deep!! Thank you.

  3. Even with the humor, BJ, this article is a beautiful reminder that He is at our core; He is the provider of our air, our daily bread and our living water. He is our supply of everything, without whom we would be empty jars of clay.

  4. what a surprise…I have heard this story just recently from my church. humans often have a hunger and thirst for something, even in a spiritual perspective. they try to satisfy those needs, yet they are satisfied temporarily, and left wanting more, as though this cycle never ends. just like the water from the well, you get thirsty again after a while. although, through GOD we can get that eternal satisfaction, never hunger and thirst anymore because of that living water from HIM. GOD alone; JESUS CHRIST can satisfy even our deepest thirst.

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