En Memoriam

Three years have passed since the horror at Sandy Hook made that school a household name in the US. For most of the world, time and events have moved on. There is an abundance of new stories and issues to pull at our heart strings and to enter into our prayer lists. For the relatives of the victims, December 14 will always be an incredibly difficult day. Even as we celebrate the joys and traditions and meaning of Christmas, for those families that empty seat at the table will loom large. The new memories not being made with those children will stick throats, water eyes, and leave hearts empty. Please, today, let’s take a moment out of our day to pray for the families of the victims of Sandy Hook.

15 thoughts on “En Memoriam

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  2. I think we should also, pray for all children growing up under the fear of mass shootings like Sandy Hook. Over Thanksgiving break, my grandchildren’s school was converted to what my grandson called a ‘jail for kids’. Bullet proof windows were installed, bars were added in some places, with security cameras, and computerized scanning systems. No one explained it to the children before hand or even after the installation and I understand why because I don’t know how to talk to my grandchildren about mass shootings or terror attacks either but it makes my heart so sad to think of children being schooled in such conditions. Somehow, as a nation we have to come together to find some solutions.

  3. There’s no ‘liking’ anything about the Sandy Hook Massacre except the bravery of the teachers and staff that sacrificed their lives to save some of the children. The Memorial video is soul-wrenching and deeply emotional. Very well done.

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