John 4:7-8 (Position of Need)

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Soon a Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, “Please give me a drink.” He was alone at the time because his disciples had gone into the village to buy some food. (John 4:7-8)

Read: Deuteronomy 6:1 – 9:29

Relate: I don’t like being needy. Maybe it’s an American thing with our idealization of rugged individualism. Maybe its a guy thing. Maybe it is just me. Whatever the reason, I don’t like to be in need. I like to think I handle my own business. If I were to sit down with a shrink, he would probably have to say that this has something to do with insecurity. Do I consider myself insecure? No, not really. There are some areas in my life where I feel more “secure” than others. When it comes to confidence to who I am in Christ, I am very secure. When it comes to my talents, gifts, and abilities I am secure. When it comes to relationships, well, as long as we aren’t talking romantic relationship, I’m fine. Perhaps that is an area where I am not so sure of myself. Maybe this is why I am not willing to let others know when I have a need. Whatever the reason, I don’t like being seen as needy.

Jesus didn’t have that problem. He knew who He was and that impacted every area of His life. He was equally comfortable with a rich tax collector and a begging leper. He did well in the house of an influential pharisee and in accepting the worship of a disgraced harlot. Just before Jesus washed his disciples feet John writes, “Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything and that he had come from God and would return to God.” Jesus knew who He was so He had no problem with serving others. Because He knew who He was, He also had no problem allowing others to serve Him. I am good at the former but not with the latter.

React: There are all kinds of opportunities that can open up when we place ourselves in a position of vulnerability. There is a value in intentionally placing others in a position of power over you. Some of the early Moravian missionaries chose to voluntarily sell themselves into slavery in order to reach not only the slaves, but also their masters. When someone feels they have the power in a relationship they will be less on their guard and more open to discussion. If they feel I have the power then open discussion and honesty might not be as forthcoming. Jesus placed himself in a position of need with the woman at the well. At first she didn’t know just how to deal with this but His willingness to humble Himself opened up one of the most beautiful and profound dialogues in all of the gospels.


God, I recognize that all around me there are people who are desperate and in need. There are those who need physical or emotional healing. There are those with hurts or scars weighing on them from their past. There are those wandering around completely lost without you. But they will never open up. They will never expose their need out of fear or pride. Help me to lead the way. Help me to place myself in a position of vulnerability and need so that they can have the freedom to do the same. You long desperately to reach the lost, please don’t let my fear, pride, or insecurity stand in the way.

12 thoughts on “John 4:7-8 (Position of Need)

  1. . . God. Give me some money.
    . . It is a natural prayer which is based on desire.

    . . God. What should I do?
    . . It is a creative prayer which is based on freewill.

    . . You can complete the purpose of the natural prayer without the natural prayer.

    . . Creative prayer is the higher prayer than Natural prayer.

    . . Focus on the creative prayer, not the natural prayer.

    . . Mufillyou 49

  2. Thank you for this message, and beautiful song by Plumb. I actually added it to one of my playlists on Spotify the other morning. Beautiful song…We all need our Father. I feel His presence now when I remain in an ‘aware’ state of mind, and avoid distraction. I’m grabbing Him, and He’s forever holding on to me, you, and all of us. We mustn’t let go. Its an amazing thing to be part of a network like this where you and I and our brother’s and sister’s in Christ can dwell together despite where we are on the map in this world! 🙂
    God bless you, B.J.!

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