John 5:8 (Rise)

mountain steps

Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!” (John 5:8)

Read: 1 Samuel 1:9 – 4:11

Relate: I’ve been mentally going through a list of people Jesus healed in the gospel. One after another it seems there is a common thread. Each and every time, the person being healed, or the one interceding for the healing, has to take a step of faith. We just read about the official’s boy at the end of chapter 4. The man had to go back home without Jesus. There’s the blind man who had to wash at the pool of Siloam. The lepers had to present themselves to the priest. Another had to stretch out his hand. The man who was carried through the roof didn’t have to do anything, but his friends already displayed a lot of faith on his behalf. Obviously, the dead didn’t do anything… they’re dead. Those are healings of a whole different level and I don’t think Jesus could help Himself. Wherever Jesus shows up, the dead don’t stay dead.

I think this thread of taking a step of faith flows through the other miracles as well. At the wedding at Cana, the servants had to fill the buckets with water and then present it as wine. When Jesus feeds thousands, his disciples have to begin passing out the food. Peter doesn’t walk on water until he gets out of the boat. They don’t catch fish until the nets are in the water. Jesus does the miracle but usually (if not always) others have to participate in the miracle even before they see that a miracle will occur.

React: I am always very willing to be used by God. The problem is, often I want to see how and why and where I am to be used before I begin stepping out. If Jesus were to say, “Go do this and then this will happen in that way” I would be more than willing to obey. Problem is, He usually just says, “Go do this” and I have to find out on my own what will happen and how. It isn’t that I am unwilling to obey Jesus. I am just unwilling to look like an idiot. I am unwilling to get uncomfortable. But He is calling me out. Until my desire to follow Him is greater than my need for respectability, I will not see miracles. Until my longing to obey Him is greater than my so called need to remain secure…

I will not rise.


God, it isn’t that I need to grow my faith. I have faith. It may not be a lot but it is enough. Where I need help, God, is in using the faith You have given me. Give me the courage to step out. Give my the confidence to trust You. Give me the willingness to Rise.

13 thoughts on “John 5:8 (Rise)

  1. Someone said to me God is like electricity. Electricity is not electricity unless it is flowing. Reading your words reminded me of that. That maybe we have to “switch on” for God to flow and work in us. Just like electricity – with the switch at “off” – electricity can’t do all the stuff we take for granted when it is flowing. Looking at your words today – I wonder how much of the time my switch is at off.

  2. Timely message. Last night, I thought of Mark 9:27. Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

  3. This is so true. The man that brought his son to Jesus told the Lord to help His unbelief when Christ asked him if he believe. He received the miracle, but he had to acknowledge that he had a short coming. I am so thankful that God is merciful in the midst of my short comings. Thanks BJ.

  4. We could all pray today for the courage to step out of the boat. For sure if we did while keeping our eyes steadfast on Him, the water would hold us too.

    Thanks again BJ for the good thoughts and for pointing towards our Savior Jesus Christ so consistently.

  5. My Pastor is often talking about how David became undignified as he praised the Lord, and how we too need to be okay if God wants to do something in our hearts that causes us to become undignified. If the Holy Spirit comes into a service and wants to move and touch us, we have to be open to it. We don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit. Maybe we are the only one standing with our hands raised high, but if we’re worshiping God, does it really matter what we look like to others? Courage and boldness…

    • Yes. Courage begins with worship. The more we see God for who He is, the easier it becomes to praise Him without restrictions and fear. From there, that worship and courage will spill into every aspect of our lives.

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