John 3:19 (Loving The Light)


And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. (John 3:19)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 4:1 – 5:31

Relate: It is early. It is cold. I am tired. I don’t want to get up and get dressed and out that door. Getting ready for church on Sunday morning is no fun. I will be the first to admit it. I am not a morning person. Waking up any day for any reason is no fun but by the time we have pulled into the parking lot things have changed. Imagine with me showing up for a Sunday service. As we’re walking through the parking lot you see a few guys smoking off to one side who smile and wave. Before entering the building someone has shaken your hand and told you they’re glad you’re here and someone else has opened up the door for you.

As you enter the building, the sight, the smell the sound all hit you together and you cannot help but smile. Even as another person has come over to shake your hand, you see the bounce house to the right full of kids jumping around. Off to the left there is a cafe area serving up free French press coffee  In that same area, the DJ, Alfred “Moonboots” is doing his thing but it seems he has also made it his goal to hug everyone he meets at least twice. This place is without question the friendliest, most welcoming place you will be at any point in your week. Is this really a church?

React: The stereotype of church and Christians is that it is boring. It doesn’t matter where you go or when they hold service, prepare to be bored. Once you come to God, you have to give up anything that might have to do with fun. All the stuff that makes life worth living… it is sin.

It is really sad that this wrong idea is so pervasive. What is even worse is that even many Christians have bought into it. Living a life for Christ should be the greatest adventure anyone could embark upon. Following God is an adventure. Being a Christian is fun. If it isn’t… you’re not doing it right.


We know that there will be those who are going to hate Christianity. They are going to want nothing to do with You. God, help us to not make it any easier for them. There those who are going to say that serving You takes all the fun out of live. Help us to stop trying to prove them right through our own actions and attitudes. Help us to radiate the joy of the Lord. Help us to have fun in You.

17 thoughts on “John 3:19 (Loving The Light)

  1. Hey BJ! Hopefully this clarifies it. If not, let’s continue the dialogue.

    The Church is PEOPLE, not a building or a service. Worldwide believers who are the hands and feet of Jesus. Who love like Jesus. Who are not schizophrenic— one personality and belief system operating within the four walls of a church building and a totally different personality and belief system outside the building. Who understand and thus live lives that don’t differentiate between the religious and the secular because they should be one and the same. Who are the temple of God 24-7. Who don’t have to be in a church building to have an encounter with the Lord. Who understand that individual actions have significant ramifications for all in the body— the Church. For whom it’s all about an intimate relationship with the Lord, not religion.

    It’s the “religious” component that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Have to say, I’m pretty jealous of your church BJ. I used to go to a great church and it was all the things that Rita has cited, it was the people (although they did meet in a building because you generally need one of those!) Sadly, having moved country, I can’t seem to find somewhere where there is this same vibe amongst a group of people. It is all about denomination here, who’s in charge, what rules are followed and if you fit in etc.

    It’s kinda hard to get excited when this is the only option open to you. Fortunately for me, I am not alone in this and I meet with other expats who are Christians and struggling to find a “home base” for want of a better word. It’s good to know the ladies I meet with are part of the bigger “Church”. But still, I would love to be part of a church community as you have described. I miss it and makes me appreciate even more what I had back home.

  3. Rita, I apologize if I confused you …I love the Lord. You are so right. God doesn’t dwell in a temple made with human hands, Our body is His tenple, Our heart is His throne. We can communicate with Him 24/7 anywhere and everywhere.

  4. Hi BJ,
    I think this is one of the most important topics one can have about God, Jesus and also how we – man – have worked so hard to create rules and so many time create an environment that I don’t believe God had planned. He created the beautiful Garden of Eden and man and woman and everything we see. How can life with Him be anything but beautiful and fun. It can only be the opposite if we allow it to be.
    Thanks for your post,

  5. The best Churches focus on relationship and not religion or traditions! I love going to church, not just because I love God, but I love our church family. We may not all be perfect, but we are loved and loving!

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