John 3:20-21 (Into The Light)

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All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants. (John 3:20-21)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 6:1-27, Numbers 10:1-36

Read: I’m reading an historical fiction series that takes place in the days of Alexander the Great. In the book, the main character, Kineas, is head of a troop who has just stormed and taken over a city the night before. As the sun rises over the desolation the next day, these are his thoughts:

I hate the dawn. Smoke from burning sheds and the remnants of fires. Greeks, their faces black with soot, huddle against the winds. Their bodies are slack from exhaustion and guilt. Beyond sated. No man can survive a storming action and ever forget what he did when he was a beast.

Personally, I’m not much of a morning person either. Until I’ve had my coffee, my breakfast, and my walk, leave me alone. But once I’ve had those, I much prefer the daytime to night. I love a shining sun. Granted, that doesn’t happen all that much up here in Binghamton NY, but that just makes it even more precious when those all pervasive clouds do let that sun peek through. Even on those overcast days, though, I believe that the time from noon until about six is the most effective part of my day. Night time is for reading and, if I must, sleeping. Nothing else good happens at night.

React: I don’t think the light and dark that Jesus is talking about here in John 3 has all that much to do with day and night. On the other hand,  I’m sure they do play a part. I’m willing to bet the porn industry thrives much more in the late night hours than during the day. There are probably far more murders, thefts, and violent crimes late at night than during normal business hours. I’m even willing to bet that there are twice as many (or more) accidents involving a drunk driver between 10PM and 3AM than during the rest of the day combined.

But more than day and night, even more than good and evil, the light I think Jesus is talking about here is the difference between exposure and secrets. An evil person wants to keep their secrets. The good man has no need. When we are walking in the grace God has imputed to us, we have no need to hide. Will we mess up? Yes. Will we still sin? God forgive us, but yes, we will. Still we must embrace the light. When we try to hide our sin, when we try to cover up our failures, all we are really doing is guaranteeing that we will sin and fail again. When we allow ourselves to be exposed in brokenness, humility, and grace, we allow God’s light to purify us again. We also help to create a safe environment for others who have been hiding their secret shame to come into the light again.


God, expose me. If there is anything in my life that needs to be revealed and expunged, do it. Let me be clean. Let me be pure. Let me be light. I want to live a life of integrity. I want to live a life of purity. Help me to live my life so that my friends, my family, my coworkers, my neighbors, and my church would all be seeing the same person. Let me be real, open and honest in every situation. I want to run to Your light. Help me to live in it and reflect it with purity.

7 thoughts on “John 3:20-21 (Into The Light)

  1. BJ, This made me put down my coffee: “Help me to live my life so that my friends, my family, my coworkers, my neighbors, and my church would all be seeing the same person.” Whoa. That’s deep. I’m not even sure it’s possible to do! But a great goal, nonetheless. Excellent post!

  2. BJ, we are different people to different people, whether you are a mother, father, friend, or acquaintance. They all see us in a different light, dependfing on our relationship to them. The important thing is to be true to ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are, with all our freckles and wrinkles, God made us to be unique. Celebrate the wonderful person that you are!

  3. I have been forgiven much. Truly, a great deal. But do I want those things that I’ve had forgiven exposed? Certainly not all of them. It wouldn’t just shame me but it would hurt people who can still be affected by those decisions and actions.

    So I walk in the light but there is still stuff that, whilst forgiven, must stay hidden from man.

  4. Jesua said if we would confess our sins, He would be faithful and just to forgive us our sins and throw them behind His back as far as the East is from the West, never to be remembered against us anymore. What a wonderful promise. The hard part is for us to forgive ourselves. It took some time, but I have learned to stand on His word.

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