Wake Up and Live (John 1:4)

Read: Genesis 7:1-10:32, 1 Chronicles 1:5-23

The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.
(John 1:4)

wake up

Relate: He doesn’t even know he is dead. He is walking around going through the motions of life. He is working, sleeping, walking, and talking, but he is as dead as dead can be. If only he knew it. When Cole finally decides to tell Malcolm his secret, Malcolm has no idea that he is one of the ones Cole is talking about…

React: Are you dead? Yes, you wake up and go about your day. You go to work or school, you return home at the end of the day to sleep and dream, you move around, have conversations, and meals. You think and plan and hope. But through it all, are you just one of the walking dead unaware of your own condition? The answer to that question lies in another. Have you acknowledged Jesus as your Lord, God, and Savior? It is only through Him that life comes to creation. So wake up. If you do not have Him, you do not have life.


God, I acknowledge that without You I am dead. Sin brings death and I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I need You, Jesus, and the sacrifice You paid when You died on the cross for my sin. I need You, God, to come and live in me. Bring life to this dead soul. Help me to wake up and live.

8 thoughts on “Wake Up and Live (John 1:4)

  1. Neat post. Some excellent teaching on zombies at the link that follows. A recent message from Pastor Sam Perez, from Jersey City, NJ: “The Living Dead, from October 2013, “http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=1027132316511

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