The Handiwork of God (John 1:3)

handiwork of God

God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.
(John 1:3)

Read: Genesis 4:1-6:22, 1 Chronicles 1:1-4

Relate: When I was in Bible College, and in the years shortly thereafter, I invested a lot of time on a couple message boards defending creationism. I’m talking about a lot of time. I had the crazy idea in my head that this was evangelism. I don’t know what I really expected. Was someone going to be convinced by my (incorrect) notions of radiocarbon dating? Would they then fall on their knees, and repent to God right there at their computer? Was someone going to see in the African Swallow (not to be confused with the European) evidence of God’s design and suddenly realize they were a sinner in need of salvation?

Now don’t get me wrong, all of creation is beautiful. It reveals the power, creativity, and timelessness of our God. I love getting out and away into nature. I find it easier to pray and listen when I am lost in the woods, or sitting beside a river, or halfway up a cliff, than I do sitting in my living room. All that God makes is good and it is easier for me to get alone with God when I can see that beauty, up close, firsthand.

React: Today as I was praying and listening to Him after reading John 1:3, I felt God whispering something a little different than the normal take on creation. What He whispered is something that I know, but don’t always truly know. I found myself hearing something a bit counter-intuitive to the slight TULIP leaning in my theology. All that God creates is good, and I am a part of His creation. Let me say that again: All that God creates is good, and I am a part of His creation.

Jeremiah uses the illustration of the potter and the clay. I find myself picturing a master craftsman sitting at his workbench lovingly and intently carving his soul into a piece of wood. Each detail is worked with precision. When He is done, he blows away the dust. Then He breathes life into His handiwork. As I begin to come alive, He leans back and smiles. All that God creates is good. I am, and you are, His handiwork.


You make all things good and Father, I know You made me. Sometimes it is easy to beat myself up. It is easy to get lost in the muddy waters of guilt or inadequacy. You have made me for greater things. Help me to live up to the purpose You have for me. Help me to walk in the glory You have clothed me with. Help me to always recognize that I am Your handiwork, and that You love me dearly.

15 thoughts on “The Handiwork of God (John 1:3)

  1. I think you forgot to mention that God cares more about how we care for and love each other in a less than perfect world. Creationism means “from the beginning” not 6 or 9 thousands years ago – that is a narrative only, Therefore, creationism and carbon-dating are not at odds on a factual basis.

  2. I totally understand your point of view in attempting to argue the faith thinking that arguing for Christ was the same as evangelism. It didn’t take me long to realize that Jesus never fought when it came to the truth, he stated the truth and left it at that. Only when confronted with something that was so disgusting to the faith that it could not be ignored did Jesus act out in anger. The temple was meant to be the house of God and the Money changers were turning it into an abomination. Then and only then did Jesus act.

    This should tell us something essential to the faith. You cannot fight someone into the faith, it just doesn’t work that way. However what should spurn us to anger is seeing our churches turned into arenas of entertainment and our preaching turned into watered down motivational speaking.

    God creates everything for good, but man as a great tendency of destroying everything that God created for our good.

  3. I can identify. In nature, it’s so easy for me to see and identify with God’s creation and glory. Yet, sitting in a busy place, watching the uniqueness of people also reminds me that God’s handiwork is also in humanity. We are each a masterpiece, each created for a purpose, whether we are an intricately carved sculpture or a simple, unadorned, wooden box. We serve Him, honor Him, and give Him the glory.

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