Confess Him Lord (7/26/13)

Read: 2 Chronicles 17:1-18:34, Romans 9:25-10:13, Psalm 20:1-9, Proverbs 20:2-3

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

Jesus is Lord

Relate: I’m currently reading an excellent book by Stephen Prothero, a religious studies professor who describes himself as religiously confused. The book God Is Not One gives a solid breakdown from an outsider’s perspective of the eight most influential religions in the world. I’ve only read the first three so far (Christianity, Islam, Confucianism) but I feel he gives a very fair and thorough “outsider” view of each.

One thing he said of Christianity that I wish was less true was that Christianity is all about right thought (orthodoxy) and little about right practice (orthopraxy). He says that for membership in most churches of the major branches of Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) the concern is agreement of belief, not compliance in lifestyle. We’ve got the “…believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead…” part down quite well.

React: The sticking point is “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord”. How can we confess with our mouth He is Lord if He isn’t our Lord? How can He be our Lord if we aren’t willing to be His subjects? How can we claim to be His subjects if we aren’t abiding by His laws? Is God ruling in my life? If I’m not willing to let Him, can I truly claim to be a Christian? Is there any truth to my claim?


Be Lord in my life. I am a rebellious subject, I know, but I am still Your subject. Without Your help, obedience is impossible. Help me please. I long to obey but in my own power I simply cannot. Fill me. Take this life of mine. Invade it. Take it over. It’s Yours. Do with it what You will. You are my Lord.

21 thoughts on “Confess Him Lord (7/26/13)

  1. Thanks for the post. I believe the problem is in the teachings we receive. Most churches are gatherings. We boast about 20 years in the Lord but in the Spirit we don’t grow. There is less correction in churches, The Word does not change us because we choose what make sense to us. The scriptures that talk to our hearts we avoid. I believe God is raising his servant’s to address this challenges. We all are one!

    • You are right about a lot here. Especially the part about less correction in churches.
      A lot of people tend to overlook this passage.
      2 Timothy 4:2
      preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.

      Even Paul called out Peter when he acted against what Jesus had taught them. If there is no correction in the church where is your spirit? Do we honestly think the Holy Spirit want move us to lovingly correct a brother and save him or her from the fire.

  2. A thought provoking piece and one to be dissected and debated carefully at length. I have found that there is so much variable interpretation within the scriptures that it is one of the main reasons people lose faith and I admire anyone with utter confidence and belief in their faith.

    Blessings. Susan

  3. I would say Jesus also said we were brothers with him so I would ask a different set of questions not built around a 1st century King metaphor. Am I loving as much as Jesus Loved? Am I showing generosity and kindness to those on the outside. You will find that God’s Spirit within is quite responsive to these intentions, thank you as always for your thoughtful posts.

  4. thank you for your post. i have thought about this before but you articulate it very well. i think about people i know, even myself, and how we proclaim Christ but do not follow the path that he has shown us. through our belief our actions should change. once we have accepted Christ the holy spirit dwells within us prompting right action. just thank you again for you insight, i appreciated that.

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes!! This is exactly what the LORD was putting on my heart today and I was unable to put it to the paper! Thank you! I hope you are ok with me reblogging this post!

    • I just pass on what He’s showing me. (Except for when I’m passing on the product of too many pepperoni’s in my pizza.) Feel free to reblog, cut and paste what you like… whatever you want whenever the mood strikes. Thank you for so faithfully reading and encouraging me.

  6. I am seeing more and more churches where following Jesus and allowing God to use church and its members as tools for His kingdom. I encourage you to keep bringing the messages as you are led.

  7. Westerners, particularly Americans, have no working knowledge of what being a subject is. Democracy has been counterproductive for the Gospel in that regard. The modern materialistic culture damages the fundamental understanding prerequisite to following Christ: that we don’t own ourselves anymore. That is why Paul declares himself a bondservant of the house of Christ, a slave authorized to make transactions for his Master. When the Regenerate start living this way, people will notice. Words are not your witness; anyone can claim to be a ‘Christian’. But only the Regenerate live this way. Very nice, keep up the good work.

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  9. . . I love Jesus because Jesus is the symbol of the unconditional love, not because Jesus is Lord.
    . . I want to learn the unconditional love of Jesus.
    . . Jesus dared to love God unconditionally even though God let Jesus dead. (Mark 14:36)
    . . Can I dare to love God unconditionally even though God let me dead?

  10. I think part of the problem is the lack of discipleship. We are taught to evangelize, to reach people and bring them to church to get saved. They get baptized, but the “… make disciples…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” part has been neglected. We think merely teaching them in Sunday school or preaching a sermon is obeying that command, but it falls short.

    I think, too, as Owls and Orchids said above, “…that there is so much variable interpretation within the scriptures…” (as well as falling into legalism as we seek to obey), “… that it is one of the main reasons people lose faith”. Some want to stay far away from the doctrine of ‘Lordship salvation’ and focus too much on John 3:16 and getting people into church. We either go too far or not far enough.

  11. Great post! I have had this on my heart for a while now. I heard Candace Cameron say that what brought her nearer to God is when she realized that she was “Getting by on God’s forgiveness”. I think a lot of us rely on God’s forgiveness a little too much. I have to ask myself, Am I LIVING for God? What do I do FOR God? What are MY sacrifices?
    Thanks for sharing and for helping me keep things in perspective!

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