Returning Home Different

Nobody was willing to recognize that I was not the same person who had left nine months earlier.


A Far Off Land

Remember the Lord, though you are in a far-off land, and think about your home in Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 51:50) Read: Jeremiah 51:1-53, Titus 2:1-15, Psalm 99:1-9, Proverbs 26:17 Relate: It isn’t the holidays that get to me. At least, I don’t think it is. I haven’t actually been living as an expat in a Muslim nation around Christmas time so I…

John 4:43-45 (Galilee)

At the end of the two days, Jesus went on to Galilee. He himself had said that a prophet is not honored in his own hometown. Yet the Galileans welcomed him, for they had been in Jerusalem at the Passover celebration and had seen everything he did there. (John 4:43-45) Read: Judges 11:29 – 15:20 Relate: Galilee is not a town.…