Truth In A Chick Flick

truth in a chick flick

Read: Exodus 32:1-33:23, Matthew 26:69-27:14, Psalm 33:1-11, Proverbs 8:33-36

Then Moses said, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place. (Exodus 33:15)

Relate: He’s the rich man and she’s the girl from around the corner. Perhaps she’s the socialite daughter and while he is a lowly waiter. Somehow, impossibly, they come together to form the match made in heaven. Never was a couple so perfectly suited for each other. Then, of course, the complications arise and they go their separate ways. (Cue the music… “I Will Always Love You”) Now he is at the airport and she is sitting at home looking out the window. She’s driving down the highway while he is sitting at the beach sadly skipping rocks. The romantic flashbacks lead to a moment of decision. The last call is made but he doesn’t get on the plane. She looks up to see him coming into the driveway with a rose between his teeth. Another rock he didn’t throw skips across the water. He turns to see her smile as a beautiful sunset sets the romantic backdrop. They begin to dance. (Cue music… I’ve had the Time of My Life)

I’ve just given you the plot to every chic flick ever made. There’s the romance, the complication, the threatened leave, and the return. The Ten Commandments and God’s leading His people to freedom was the romance. Israel’s faithlessness, especially in choosing to worship Yahweh in their own way (the golden calf), is the complication. God tells Moses to go on up to the Promised Land. He’ll provide the way but God’s presence won’t go up with them. Moses’ response is the return. “If You don’t go with us, we’re not moving.” Then Moses sees God’s glory. Cue the credits, we have a blockbuster.

React: There is truth in a chic flick. The reason the trope works so well is that it exposes an eternal truth. God has provided a way for me to be with Him. But my dreams, my actions, my sin… it complicates things. Ultimately, if it is to be a happy ending, I must lay those things aside and come back to Him. What’s the point of accomplishing my dreams if He isn’t a part of them? Where’s the fun of having fun if it drives me from Him? You know what to call a heaven where God’s presence cannot be found? Hell.

So what are the true priorities in my life? What am I aiming for? What direction am I headed? Where’s my focus? Is it on Him? Is God my destination, my goal, and my priority? I can call Him the first with my words and my mind but does He really take that place in my heart and my actions? If not then it is time for me to root myself in this place and not leave until I can once again see His glory. Nothing else I might have to do today is worth going from this place without Him.


Dear God,
I am desperate for Your presence. I don’t want to go through the rest of my day, or my week, or my life if You are not a part of it. You are all that matters. Be with me as I learn to walk closer and closer to You.

26 thoughts on “Truth In A Chick Flick

  1. Too funny and true must say I was laughing . Great and what a awesome angle you brought to this post. God is love as we know .

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  3. “God, I am desperate for Your presence. I don’t want to go through the rest of my day, or my week, or my life, if You are not a part of it. You are all that matters. Be with me as I learn to walk closer and closer to You.”


    What a cool post! This is a prayer to make every day 🙂

  4. Praise his holy Name, one of my favorite scriptures of the bible. knowing that God’s presence is with me at all time is such a wonderful and awesome feeling. Great post. God bless!

    • One of my favorite places to just go and pray is an old Byzantine cathedral. And when I mean “old” and “Byzantine”, I mean both quite literally. It predates the founding of the US by at least a few centuries.

  5. What if god is everywhere and your only destination is the now? What if he is everywhere and the only way to get to him is to know yourself better and initiate involution into the learning of self? The spark of creation is in you, you were never alone. God is always with us he’s a part of us and when we return home after our physical death he will collect us as information would to a brain and remember our good deeds and suffering. The reward of life is the experience.

    • He is everywhere, there is no “what if” necessary for that. I would also agree that the journey is just as important as the destination. Where we diverge is that I understand the truth that the only way to get to Him is through His son, Jesus.

      • Yes, Jesus was the avatar that pierced the veil of the quarantine of the Fall that separated us from the Holy Spirit. It only needed to be done once, for anyone who wishes to relish that blessing first surrenders self, and so cares not which spiritual path reached the goal first – it is enough that the path exists.

        Ultimately, then, as prophesied, all things will be joined in him.

      • I still believe Christ is the savior and his seat is to be in truth a king of truths. He lead his people in the right direction and left the legacy for us to follow but that’s where it ends. He must be allowed to be human and demystified for we are all subject to sickness, pain of suffering through experiences and death. No one escapes this truth not even god in human form. I don’t see why the road has to diverge when I am a message of christ.. his true teachings what he was meant to express before he was modified, politically correct and made fit for domestic consumption. Christ messages are in my actions and I too follow his teachings but more at an abstract depth and at an esoteric level.. This work is not my own but also with reflecting, contemplating and with Christ in mind. I already know the “what ifs” I ask. I just try to narrate a suitable wording process for the readers. My personal objective is to bring heaven on earth, this is all.

      • When i say this is where it ends. I mean to say this is where his work in the physical world ends and set the path already and his spiritual work continues forever after that. He already pierced the veil and all physical works after that are mere catalysts but it must be done because all physical work of the now must be sustained for the work grows daily.

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