Keep On Knocking (4/4/13)

Read: Deuteronomy 26:1-27:26, Luke 10:38-11:13, Psalm 76:1-12, Proverbs 12:15-17

And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. (Luke 11:9)


Relate: Something woke me up. It was a noise. What was that? I listen, wondering if there are intruders in the house. There it is again. Someone is banging on my door. I hit the indiglo on my watch. It’s 2:24 in the morning. Who is banging on my door at 2:24 in the morning. They pound again. Goodness, they are going to wake the neighbors. “BJ, wake up!” Never mind. It is the neighbors. He must have seen movement in my bedroom window because, Joe, my next door neighbor is pounding again. “BJ, I know you’re home. I see the car in the driveway.” I groan.

My window is open a crack. I open it a little more and call out, “Do you know what time it is?”

“I knew you were up. Hey, do you still have that pizza in the freezer? We just got in from the bar and we’re hungry.”

Are you kidding me? He’s banging at my door at 2:30 in the morning for frozen pizza? I roll back into bed and throw the pillow over my head. The door bangs again. “Seriously, dude, we’ve got a bad case of the munchies. Do you have any chips too?”

“Call Dominos.” I yell out my window. I want to be nice to my neighbors, but this is really pushing it.

“We tried. They closed an hour early tonight.”

Some words come to my head that aren’t very Christian. I shut the window and cram that pillow tight against my head. The knocking persists. “BJ, come on, man. I thought you were my friend.”

I thought I was too. And then you started knocking on my door at 2:30 in the morning. I think I’ve changed my opinion about those gun control laws. I’m buying one first thing tomorrow. He knocks again. I yell out, “Go to Price Chopper. They’re open.”

“Yah, but none of us are sober enough to drive.”

No kidding. I never would have guessed. He knocks again. My goodness, this guy just won’t give up, will he? “Come on, BJ. You’re supposed to be a Christian. What would Jesus do?” Immediately the thought pops in my head. He stands at the door and knocks. This is immediately followed by more of those very unchristian words. Holy Spirit, you’re not helping here. As the knocking continues I roll out of bed and head to the kitchen. There’s two frozen pizzas there and I give away the 2 liter on the fridge for good measure. It is a small price to pay to be able to get back to sleep.

React: I don’t really have a neighbor named Joe and this never really happened. It’s just the tone of the parable Jesus relates on prayer. He’s talking about two guys yelling through a closed door about food at midnight, but sometimes in our reverence for and familiarity with Bible stories we lose sight of the earthiness and humor that Jesus is putting to good use. Keep on asking. Keep on seeking. Keep on knocking. They immediately follow this parable. I’m supposed to be that neighbor, knocking on God’s door until He answers. Am I willing to use that level of audacity in my prayers? Do I approach the throne of grace with that type of confidence?


God, there have been some things I’ve been praying for a long time. There are some other things I should be praying for but I’ve stopped. Give me persistence. Give me the tenacity, the audacity to keep knocking on Your door until I have what I’ve asked for. Salvation for family, healing, You know what I need and these things are good gifts You desire to give me. Don’t let me stop knocking until heaven has been moved on their behalf.

29 thoughts on “Keep On Knocking (4/4/13)

  1. Hang in there BJ, hang in there. And yeah, I think I changed my mind about those gun control laws too.;)

  2. AMEN! Loved this! Your sense of humor is wonderful and it did bring home the point, keep knocking! Just like the persistent widow, she was the squeaky wheel and finally got it greased!
    I pray for someone to partner with me to start a church here in my little town that is truly representative of Biblical standards. I will continue to pray, unceasingly and persistently! Thank you for your encouraging words today!

  3. They say Jesus was a wonderful story teller. His effectiveness lay in his ability to spin stories which his listener could relate to. He could BE at the level of his listener.

    Your story did that too. The humor added realism to it all.

  4. Good Morning- The story was a perfect illustration. You are blessed with a great gift of writing. I find that you are able to get to the point in a very real and honest way, often with humor. I’d like to share some of your thoughts on my blog if that is OK with you. Of course I will give you credit. Blessings on your ministry- you are touching souls.

  5. thank you! needed this today… in the process of moving, and wondering where we will land next, we know God is in control and none of this has moved Him off His throne, just has thrown us for a loop. He will provide! He is a great and mighty God and has a plan specifically for us. Thanks! Great parable you told also!

  6. My absolute! Favorite song in the whole wide world. Used to listen to this soundtrack with my Dad in his more melancholy days. Thanks for the great parable.

  7. It is so good to be reminded of this verse I learned in Sunday school when I had more trust, faith and less experience of the so-called realities of life. I’m going to print this out and study it more. By the way, I have many serious prayer issues but the thing that crossed my mind after checking the stats on my blog is that I’d love to be freshly pressed and have a few more visitors to my blog.

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  9. AWESOME! I absolutely love how you related a HUGE biblical message to a scenario that people in their 20’s can relate to. I loved the humor–I think you illustrated exactly what Jesus was illustrating in his time. Thank you so much, I enjoyed your post!

  10. I’m so excited to have found your blog! It is really encouraging to find another believer being a good disciple and sharing his experiences to the world! Don’t lose hope if God doesn’t answer right away; He has a plan, and everything is perfect in His timing. I will be praying for you!
    -Your sister in Christ, Shannon

  11. Thank you for this post – it was a wonderful illustration of how the bible doesn’t just say, “ask, seek, and knock” but “keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking”. Persistence.

  12. Great story, loved the humour and yes, I’d have joined you on the choice words said in my mind and the gun idea. I guess what i don’t always get is why God wants us to persist when He already wants to give us these things, my husband’s salvation for instance. Is it to see how much faith we have? What is the persistance for? I’ve heard it said that it’s never because God is in need but because we need it – persistance, discipline etc. Your thoughts?

    • I think the answers to that question are many and varied. Sometimes, like in Daniel, it is spiritual warfare. Sometimes, He is waiting for our hearts to come to the right place. Sometimes, He waits to manifest His glory. Sometimes, most of the time… we don’t know the reasons. If we knew all of why God does what He does when and why He did it, there would be no such thing as faith.

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