Though The Mountains Move

For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain.
Isaiah 54:10

Read: Isaiah 54:1-57:14, Ephesians 6:1-24, Psalm 70:1-5, Proverbs 24:8

Relate: We had another fight today. It started before I even left the breakfast table. I spilled coffee on my shirt and she started complaining about how I am so clumsy and end up staining everything she tries so hard to keep clean. There was no, “Honey, are you OK?” I never heard concern like, “Did you burn yourself?” Nope. No concern at all. She just jumped right in with her complaining and nagging.

Idiot that I am, I gave it right back. I turned around and blamed the dog. If the thing hadn’t surprised me sniffing at my shoes, I wouldn’t have spilled my coffee. Usually, that thing’s annoying little yapper gives me plenty of warning, but not today. So my wife starts in with her angry tears because “I don’t love her dog”. I knew when we married four years ago that she and Peanut came as a package deal. I try. I really do. But I have never been much of a dog lover. Fish and birds make good pets. Pomeranians are just noisy stunted cousins of wolves who traded away their self-respect in some twisted form of a bad fashion statement.

I probably shouldn’t have told her that this morning. Now Peanut will be sleeping in our bed and I’ll be living in the doghouse.

React: I didn’t sign up for mornings like this when I first proposed nearly five years back. Part of me knew that they would come, but I didn’t really see how frequent they would be. I had no idea how many times I could put my foot in my mouth. I had no idea how hard it would become to keep from taking for granted those things I love so much about her. I had no idea how much of a temper she could get when that time of the month comes around, nor how poorly I would handle my self-control in response.

Ready or not, knowing or not, I made a covenant of love with her. Even on days like today, I know it was the best decision I ever made. I fail. I fall short all too often, but even still I am supposed to be an example to her and to the world of God’s love for us. So I will be eating crow and buying roses. I will be meeting with older, wiser married men who can shepherd me along a better path in the future. I will be doing whatever it takes to make sure she knows, and always knows, that even though the mountains may move and the hills disappear, my love for her will remain.



Dear God,
Thank You so much for continually loving me despite me. Thank you that Your grace covers a multitude of my stupid mistakes and failures. Thank You so much for Your faithfulness. Help me, as Your child, to be a better reflection of Your love and faithfulness. When people see my life, when they see my love and faithfulness, when they see my patience, let them say, “What a great God he follows.” When they see me get back up after I have fallen, when they see me work towards reconciliation after I have failed, let them say, “What a graceful God he serves.”

9 thoughts on “Though The Mountains Move

  1. BJ, are you married? I didn’t even know. I’m assuming your wife (who’s name I don’t even know) is there with you in Turkey. How did I miss that! Wow. Eating crow and buying roses is definitely a step in the right direction. God love ya brother, I’ve been married now for 49+ years, you’ve got courses to go through that you didn’t even know existed! It’s worth it! Grace and blessings!

  2. Well you definitely got my attention! Those comments about “Peanut” suckered me right in! Pity, I was getting ready to send you a wedding present! Excellent post BTW. Grace and blessings!

  3. As a 30+ year married man I can relate. Though I have no wish to relive those early days of marriage the conflicts that happen then are the grounds upon which a good marriage is built. Every conflict tells us about ourselves. Each marriage is crucible where our ‘self’ nature is exposed so we can repent of it. Remember the purpose of marriage is to mature us and that can only happen if ‘self’ is removed.

    So when we have conflicts thank God for them for He is granting you a rare opportunity to repent of ‘self’ and become a better husband to your beloved. You can never change her but you can change yourself. I can guarantee you this: If you can learn to be humble and repent of your ‘self’ you will have a marriage in the future that many will envy. Your wife will surely appreciate it and you will grow closer to God because of it. So conflict is win-win, IF you can humble yourself, recognize your own ‘self’ and repent of it. And give yourself time to grow.

    May your marriage be blessed and long!

  4. Wow! This kind of vulnerability is exceptional. We need more people like you, who show that even if they are believers, they still go through stuff, but they go to God with whatever they are going through. Yes, fights do happen but perseverance is good.

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