May 15 – For the Peace of Israel

He has shown his great power to his people by giving them the lands of other nations. (Psalm 111:6)

Read: 1 Samuel 17:1-18:4, John 8:21-30, Psalm 111:1-10, Proverbs 15:11

Relate: Today my adopted country kicked out the ambassador from Israel in protest against the way Israel is handling the protests in Jerusalem. The Senate in Pakistan passed a resolution condemning Israel over the same. The President of France condemned the violence. Various political parties or groups in the UK, South Africa, Germany and I am sure pretty much every other country in the world are also up in arms in protest. Even some Neo-Nazi groups are protesting against Israel. The latest count is, what, 59 killed and 1,200 injured? The UN tried to open an investigation into the whole affair but the US blocked that. No real surprise there.

React: That last statement can really sum up every single aspect of this whole affair. I could go into great detail over various aspects of this situation. Part of me wants to, but the need for brevity here on the River Walk (the goal is always about 500 words) demands I keep it simple. So I am going to drop a few of my opinions and throw open the floor for discussion. Please consider this a forum where you can openly and freely discuss the issue without condemnation of vitriol.

Opinion: Trump was right in moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Israel has been using it as their de facto capital for decades, the West has been treating it as such. Trump was the first one to put the politics aside for pragmatism and make the inevitable move. I think other nations, once the dust settles and time passes, will be doing the same.

Opinion: The level of protests was expected and inevitable. Anytime anyone treats Israel as anything but a pariah, the entire Muslim world is up in arms in protest.

Opinion: Israel’s reaction to the protests and the uncalled for violence they have meted out on the protestors (who are themselves anything but peaceful) was the height of stupidity. They lost a great chance to hold the moral high ground and instead now deserve the pariah status the world is heaping upon them. Honestly, I’d be calling for the expulsion of diplomats too if I was in political office.

Opinion: The nation of Israel is NOT the people of God called Israel in the Old Testament. The modern political state is NOT the fulfillment of prophecies and promises found throughout scripture like the one I have shown above.

Opinion: When the Evangelical church tries to equate them as such and/or backs and supports the modern state of Israel unconditionally in every circumstance they lose the ability to have a prophetic voice crying out for goodness and justice and decrying evil wherever it may be found.

Fact: We are called to pray for the Shalom of Israel. This word Shalom does not mean peace as in “the lack of violence” but rather a true peace that can only be found in justice for all.


Dear God,
I do pray for the peace of Israel. I pray for the peace of Palestine. I pray for peace in Syria, and Nigeria, and Somalia, and South Africa, and Spain, and Iran, and China, and America. Especially in this time where the eyes of the world are on Jerusalem, I pray that true justice and righteousness might be displayed there that the world might see Your glory. I pray that through this horrible tragedy many from both sides, both Jew and Muslim, would come to know You as You truly are.

22 thoughts on “May 15 – For the Peace of Israel

    • Yes I agree with you, and there’s places in Revalation that refer to Jesus making Israel His place, and all the nations have to go to Jerusalem to worship the feasts. Although Revalation is hard to understand at times, this idea is clear. It’s kind of scary knowing that all the nations are going against her (as put in many end times books of the Bible as a ‘sign of the times’) because we know now the end is near. But it’s also exciting knowing Jesus will return soon! 😊

  1. Israel has warned they will defend their borders as is their right. Hundreds of rockets, most supplied by Iran have been fired upon Israel. The day we opened the embassy in Jerusalem the Turkish ambassador left the United States of his own volition. I still believe Israel is God’s land. I still believe He gave it to the Jews, His people. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel forever. I do not believe we should appease Muslims by denying any country’s right to defend itself. May God bless you and protect you.

    • I agree with you Ekurie. It is their right to defend their country. Last night (5/15/18) I watched the PBS news hour report on the situation. It was even handed and rational. It explained that Hamass has loud speakers telling the Palestinians to go and protest. It included an interview with Obama’s former ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro. I believe that Hamas just uses its people to irritate Israel and then blames Israel for defending itself. Hamas knows that the world will side with the poor and unfortunate citizens of Gaza. Hamas does nothing to improve the lot of its people because they know that the world will look on them with pity if they are poor. Hamas spends $100 million on its military infrastructure. That is 20 % of its budget. That doesn’t leave much to take care of its own people. After watching the fair report done by PBS, I watched the NBC evening news. It was completely one-sided, a total contrast to the PBS report. Regardless of Israel’s current state spiritually, they are still the apple of God’s eye.

  2. Israel, in Biblical times also misbehaved terribly. One just has to read the prophets to see that. I absolutely agree with your take on the way they have responded in this situation. There are sophisticated non-lethal ways of dealing with crowds today. I think they still hold a special place in God’s agenda, — their time will come after the time of the Gentiles — but agree absolutely with you that those who act and speak as if Israel are the darlings of the world and can do no wrong are seriously blinded to the reality.

  3. I agree in part with your opinions. I do have one thing to say though. If you were in a small little country like Israel, surrounded by a large number of people who would do anything to wipe you off the face of the planet, would you not do everything in your power to protect your people? We have no idea what it is like living in Israel. They practically get bombed every freakin holiday they have. Whenever Arabs cross over the boundaries Israel sets up, they aren’t just coming in to visit. They only come in to kill. So, to be completely honest with you, I’m totally with Israel shooting all of the Arabs going in to cause havoc. So there’s another side of the story for you, I hope it wasn’t too harsh. But another thing, the Arabs know that Israel will shoot them and they just keep doing it. They are only trying to get the world against Israel. I for one don’t agree with many of the world leaders on this one. Thanks for sharing your opinions on this subject.

    • Well, I do live in a Muslim country and have seen first-hand true oppression. The way the Kurds are treated here is in many ways similar to the way the Palestinians are treated in Israel. For my own security, I cannot get into specifics but I have seen much that can translate over to how and why the Palestinians might protest. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people are passing by those checkpoints and borders on a daily basis and just about all of them are doing so simply to work and live their normal lives. Yes, they are “coming to visit” to put it in your words. Repression only breeds discontent that spills over into retaliation like what we are seeing now.

      That said, bringing children and babies to these protests are just stupid and just shows that they are willing to sacrifice their own family simply to paint Israel as evil. It is just that Israel is playing right into their hands by grossly overreacting once again and using measures of control and resistance far beyond what the threat calls for.

      • I understand your side and I am respectful of it. I’m only trying to show you that there is another side as well. There are always to sides to the story. And if Israel and the Palestinians could just figure out a way to be in peace, that would be great. I just don’t think it’s that simple. I pray for your safety as well as Israels. God Bless.

  4. I think you have stated the situation very clearly and I agree with you. i do, however, worry about the nations that are categorically opposed to Israel, and jump at every opportunity to condemn her. the bible is very clear that the nations that bless Israel, will be blessed, and those that curse Israel will be cursed, regardless of the spiritual state of its people. we need to pray for our leaders, those of us who live in countries that oppose Israel, to be aware of this.

  5. When it comes to things happening in Israel I try not to have an opinion on what ever is happening because one opinion will always rival another, it is however incredibly upset to hear, but I will always pray to God about it, always similar prayer each time, for peace in all those areas, and trust God’s true will in those places

  6. No matter what Israel does they will be perceived to be in the wrong. In our country there is a group of Palestinians that have managed to get the government on their side and so it is nothing new to see our government turning against the Jews. The minister actually said she was going to talk to some Jewish leaders to ask them to speak to Israel to be more peaceful, What the heck, utter nonsense. What would any country do if they are blatently being attacked? They would defend the citizens of that country, Are everyone else so blind as not to see that the terrorist faction is behind this? Honestly I can just shake my head in disbelief.

    • Yes, for some no matter what Israel does they will be considered the bad guys. Yet for some others, they can do no wrong. No matter what atrocities they commit excuses will be made for them.

  7. The land of Isreal was not established until 1948 as a option for the Jewish people who did not want to return to their European Countries. I believe one can not ask for peace until they are willing to give peace to others. The President of the United States Mr. Trump did not make the decision to move the embassy that bill entered congress and passed back before him Obama, Bush, Clinton, or Bush were elected to office, He was just the one to not prolong it any further in hopes of peace talks.

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