Abortion (11/8/13)

Read:  Ezekiel 18:1-19:14, Hebrews 9:1-10, Psalm 106:32-48, Proverbs 27:10

They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters. By sacrificing them to the idols of Canaan, they polluted the land with murder. They defiled themselves by their evil deeds, and their love of idols was adultery in the Lord’s sight. (Psalm 106:38-39)

Relate: Sacrificing children to the idols of Canaan. It sounds so ominous, doesn’t it? Why on earth would anyone take their child and allow it to be killed to satisfy some foreign god? Who would want to worship something so evil? The fact is, the sacrifice is the end result of worshiping the idols of Canaan. Nobody was thinking, “Hey, lets go out and kill a baby today. Sound like fun?” It was more along the lines of, “We worshiped this god and she gave us a baby. We can’t keep it so lets give it back.”

The gods of Canaan were gods of fertility. Celebrating one of them was really just an excuse to sleep around on your spouse. So an Israelite couple decides to go on up and check out this celebration their neighbor friends have been whispering about behind closed doors. They go (to what is really no more than an ancient swing party) and have a great time. But they know its wrong. They feel guilty. Then she realizes she is pregnant. He is jealous. Their marriage is strained. There’s already four kids running around and its tough in the lean months just putting food on the table. He starts hitting her. All of a sudden, sacrificing this child to Molech doesn’t seem nearly as evil as it did a year ago.

React: Child sacrifice is a natural consequence of worshiping a god of lust. It is barbaric. It is revolting. It is evil. And it will happen more than one hundred thousand times today in America. 93% of the murders of preborn children in America are acts of convenience. Take out cases where the child or mother’s health is a concern. Take out cases of rape and incest. You still have about one hundred seven thousand kids murdered daily. That is almost certainly more than all the children burned in the hands of Molech throughout time. But what happened back then, burning a child alive, was barbaric. Today, our “modern medical procedure” of sucking that living baby into a vacuum is so much more humane.

What on earth can I do about it? How can I stop, or at the very least slow down the rate at which these children are dying? For years we’ve tried to answer that question through marching with signs outside abortion clinics and by voting in politicians who give lip service to putting an end to this evil. Clearly that is not working. It is easy for us to talk about the need for political change. I’m all for laws putting an end to this evil, but until society changes, the laws will do no good. We each can play a part in changing the culture that creates so many unplanned pregnancies and  in providing support when those pregnancies do occur. Adopt. Find ways to support and show love to single mothers or young couples. Stop doing your part to fuel the economy of lust. End the stigma against women who have had an abortion. Men, stop being so self righteously against them. It takes two to tango. Women, if you have had one, we need your story told. Most of all, everyone pray.


On behalf of the thousands of children who are going to be murdered today, God, I cry out to You. Please act. Roll up Your sleeves and come down. Restore justice at whatever cost to our land. On behalf of the sleeping church that has been all sound and fury with little action on this issue, God, I repent. I repent for the men who continue to buy into an economy of lust. I repent for the way we have ignored the needs of the mother and the orphan. I repent for a church that has passed its responsibility off on a bunch of politicians. I repent that I, personally, have done so little about a need so vital. Help me to have Your heart and Your creativity to better see how I can show Your heart to Your little children.

15 thoughts on “Abortion (11/8/13)

  1. Hello BJ … what excellent timing to read your message tonight as I was preparing to post a talk I delivered last night about God’s grace and how His grace brought me freedom from past, and in particular, how a deeper revelation and understanding of His grace freed me from the torment of my past abortion. I am blessed to be able to share this story now and it seems like God is opening doors for it to be shared through a few different avenues. You asked for post-abortive women to share their story, well here is the link to mine: http://dosedependent.me/2013/11/08/grace-revealed-freedom-from-condemnation/ – I pray that anyone who reads your message and my testimony are met by the love of God right where they are at. Blessings on your work as you seek to honour Him.

  2. As critical as it is to end abortion, abortion is only the visible effects of the disease you aptly name as worshipping the god of lust. So many people want to focus the debate on contraception & abortion (which unfortunately many see as equivalent), but if we expose the original culprit– the guiltless, thoughtless slaking of lust as if we’re taking a much-deserved gulp of Perrier– there would be fewer young women in line to make such a decision in the first place. Thank you for your beautifully worded post–

  3. A very powerful and insightful, thought-provoking post – thank you. You are wise on all counts, and the comparison to ancient child sacrifice is one I hadn’t given thought to. Let all men and women of faith take heed of your advice and pray that all affected by abortion come to feel God’s forgiveness and love. This is truly an evil bigger even than it first appears, because it eats away at our very humanity. A culture that celebrates death will never value life. Do people have worth only when they produce, or when they are convenient? We must reject placing a value on people’s lives – Christ taught us we are all brothers, children of the Father. Thank you again.

  4. Wonderful post, BJ. This is the chief sin in American today, in my opinion. Great relation to the barbarism of past cultures and their excuses to terminate their children. Sadly, we see similar excuses made every day in our times.

    • Actually, I have to disagree that the murder of our children is the gravest sin in America today. As bad as it is, abortion would not be possible were the sins I wrote about yesterday not so rampant.

  5. Thank you! If I had thought that my child would be looked after well, I might have made the decision to keep it. If single teen mothers weren’t so stigmatised, I might have made the decision to keep it. If I had known Jesus loved me no matter what, I would have made the decision to keep it. Amen.

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