Gypsy Blood

gypsy blood

 But Jesus replied, “We must go on to other towns as well, and I will preach to them, too. That is why I came.” So he traveled throughout the region of Galilee, preaching in the synagogues and casting out demons. (Mark 1:38-39)

Read: Leviticus 1:1-3:17, Mark 1:29-2:12, Psalm 35:17-28, Proverbs 9:13-18

Relate: “You definitely have a bit of gypsy blood in you, that’s for sure.” These were the words from a friend of mine when they found out, about seven years back, that I was going to be moving to Oswego. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that even though there was a definite ring of truth in it. I had been living in Binghamton for just under three years, but had spent that time in three different apartments. Before that I had been on Long Island for about six months. Before that in Springfield Missouri for about a year and a half (at two different apartments). Before that I had spent six miserable months outside Houston Texas. Before that I was in Binghamton for about a year and a half (two apartments) and before that I had spent just over a year near Rochester New York.

I lived in Oswego for about three and a half years (two apartments) and then came back to Binghamton for two and a half years (two apartments). I am at my second apartment here in Istanbul even though I have been here just under a year. Tomorrow I will be meeting with someone to discuss the possibility of moving down to Southeast Turkey by September. Even if it does not happen now, it almost certainly will one more year down the road.

I wouldn’t say I am proud of that “gypsy blood” but I have learned to embrace it. Not everybody is built that way. Some people will plant themselves in one spot and bloom there for decades. Me, I would like to think I am more like Jesus and Paul. 😉 Both seemed to be constantly compelled forward from one city to the next. In the first three gospels Jesus seems to be constantly moving from one town in Galilee to the next. He had a restless urgency that pushed Him from one town to the next every time you turn around. Then, when John finally got around to writing his gospel, he almost completely ignores that Galilean ministry to show what Jesus was doing down in Judea. One thing is for certain, our Savior surely put a lot of miles on those sandals.

React: Maybe you’re a bit like us. Maybe that “gypsy blood” when combined with the urgency of the message of the gospel is constantly compelling you forward. Maybe you are the opposite. You know how God has made you. Embrace it. Make the most of it. No matter how we are shaped one thing binds us all. The love of Christ compels us onward. Whether that means constantly reaching out for more to hear or whether that means reaching deeper into the ones God has placed around us, let’s be about our task. There’s work to do… up and at ’em.


Dear God,
Strip everything away that prevents me from being about Your pursuit. You love the lost. You are desperate to find them even to the point of leaving those ninety-nine behind to find that one. Compel me forward. Drive me to my knees. Let Your business, Your motivation, Your passion be mine as well until that moment You return and all acknowledge You as God. Whether You call me to stay or go, let me never be content as long as there is more to be done.

9 thoughts on “Gypsy Blood

  1. Amen! I’ve been labeled a wanderlust….about every 3 years, I have to move on and at my age, that’s a lot of moves. With the Lord as our pilot, we can’t go wrong!

  2. I have gypsy blood at times. We seem to move every five to ten years. We’re heading into our tenth year here and I don’t feel that pull to move. Who knows? Maybe we’ll break the pattern this time, to my husband’s delight.

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  4. Hi BeeJai – how I emphasize with your life. I so frequently feel restless. One time when I was crying out to the Lord about why I had to live in one place, the answer came back loud and clear: I have work for you in this place. As soon as that was done He made a way for me to move! So embrace that gypsy spirit, as long as you are in His will.

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