Genesis 25:33 (The Sale)

stew sale

But Jacob said, “First you must swear that your birthright is mine.” So Esau swore an oath, thereby selling all his rights as the firstborn to his brother, Jacob. (Genesis 25:33)

Read: Genesis 24:52 – 26:16, Matthew 8:18-34, Psalm 10:1-15, Proverbs 3:7-8

Relate: One of the most successful franchises in baseball history (at least up to that point) was owned by a producer, Harry Frazee. Baseball was just his side gig and his real passion was producing broadway plays. This owner had ties with Yankees management as well and it was through these ties he sold an all star pitcher, who had played in the 1915,1916, and 1918 World Series, to help finance the play My Lady Friends (which was later turned into the musical No, No, Nanette).

The Yankees got that all star pitcher for a steal. Even in those days the amount of money they paid for him was considered far below his value. What is more, that pitcher was such a good hitter that they soon moved him into the outfield so that he could hit every day. There he revolutionized the sport, shattered the home run record (the previous record was 138, he hit 714), and still to this day holds the record for slugging and OPS average. Babe Ruth is on everybody’s shortlist of the greatest baseball player ever, he singlehandedly pulled the Yankees out of mediocrity and the team that traded him away, the Red Sox, went on an eighty-six year championship drought commonly called, “The Curse of the Bambino”. In the history of famous dumb trades, this one ranks right up there near the top.

Another stupid trade was the one which was even far more lopsided than the one brokered by Harry Frazee. He traded away long term greatness for the short term success of one musical. Esau, the firstborn son of Isaac and Rebecca, was in line to inherit a double share of his parent’s very wealthy estate. His dad and grandfather were both very influential people in the region and both had made contracts with kings from a position of power. Esau’s first contract… he traded away his inheritance rights for a bowl of stew. If ever there was a bonehead move, his was it. He would fit right in with the western world’s “me first, right now” culture.

React: It is easy to sit back and laugh at Esau. It is so easy to just shake our heads and think, “how could he have been so stupid?” But how many of us are doing the same thing? How many of us have viewed pornography, sacrificing long term healthy real world relationships for a short term satiation of lust. How many of us have lied, sacrificing our honor and integrity for… I don’t know, not getting in trouble right away? How many of us, through our willful sin, have sacrificed an eternity of right relationship with God.

Harry Frazee probably had no idea the impact his decision would have on baseball. If he did, he would never have sold that pitcher. Esau was unable to truly grasp the long term consequences of satisfying his short term hunger. There is no way he would have sold his birthright for a bowl if he was looking long term. In the same way we, if we could look with spiritual eyes, would never even consider sinning. Not a chance. Not only do our sins impact our relationships with everyone we come in contact with, not only does our willful rebellion against God contribute to what He suffered on the cross, every time you hear and read on the news of earthquakes, drought, flooding, hurricanes… names like Haiyan, Nargis, Sandy, and Katrina, events like Haiti 2010, Japan 2011, and the 2004 tsunami… that’s us. That’s the result of my sin. I am the one guilty of the dumbest of trades.


God, I’m a natural disaster. I’m an idiot. My sin, which I continue to do knowing the consequences, is destroying myself, my relationships, and my world all while dishonoring You. Forgive me. I don’t deserve Your grace yet I beg for it anyways. Beyond that, help me. Without You I just cannot stop sinning. Help me to lift up my eyes, help me to live for the long term. Help me to resist… to flee the temptations of the moment. Help me to trade away the short term satiation of my desires and habits so that I might take hold of the eternity You have planned for me.

12 thoughts on “Genesis 25:33 (The Sale)

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now Beejai. This is one of the finest you’ve done. What I believe it is extremely important for American and probably Canadian Christians as well to humble themselves and come to a true heart felt repentance. Either way suffering will ensue either to how the true way back if not the path of destruction is set. I’ve asked God about Christ’s return were he talks about coming back for his bride who will be without spot or wrinkle. My question to him was how will this happen? He showed me how women of that time washed clothes, they would go down to the river and beat their dirty clothes with stones. If I understood it correctly He was telling me coming clean means a beating, we know that Christ went to the cross for our sins and makes them white as snow, it’s the path to the cross which bears the beating so we understand the seriousness and consequences for sin. When we do our part, God will do his. Thank you so very much for this post as it showed me the seriousness of my own sins.

  2. Your divinity expresses itself through confession and reaction. Through Christ, you are learning more than salvation. You are learning the way Christ sustains us when even our selfish nature overwhelms. Peace to you.

  3. I love how you’ve pinpointed our great inability to see the big picture, even though He’s painted it with clarity, depth and wonderful color. This was an amazing post. Thank you.

  4. I really look forward to seeing your blog posts. I always learn something from you and the way you weave the old scriptures into life of today to make them hold relevance for me. Even when I have to take a longer and harder look at myself and the choices I am making in my life.

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  6. We can’t look at the sin. We can’t look at the stupidity. Guilt and shame return us to eating our rotten stew. Grace is not an excuse. Grace is power to overcome. That power is found in the Spirit of Christ. We receive it by faith inside. The Kingdom is within us. Really simple.

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