No Middle Ground

No Middle Ground Edit

When he said these things, the people were again divided in their opinions about him. Some said, “He’s demon possessed and out of his mind. Why listen to a man like that?” Others said, “This doesn’t sound like a man possessed by a demon! Can a demon open the eyes of the blind?” (John 10:19-21)

Read: Isaiah 40:1 – 44:5

Relate: Way back in the day when coal mining was the common profession of a Welshman, a certain town was host to a coming evangelist. I believe it was DL Moody but it was a long time since I read about this so I could be wrong. Anyways, Moody or whoever it was spoke before a group that was mostly made up of this coal miner “salt of the earth” type. The thrust of his message was that each man needed to make for themselves a decision whether or not they would follow Christ. As he was coming near the end of his message one miner near the front was so overcome with emotion he could hold it in no longer. He stood up and shouted at the top of his voice, “I chose to follow Christ!” Almost before he was even seated another man also stood up and yelled, “I chose to follow Christ!” Near the middle of the congregation a third man stood and yelled, “I chose not to follow Christ.” It was like dominoes. Each and every person in that building, one after another stood to their feet, publicly and loudly, they each made their decision. Most chose to follow Christ but many more chose not to. Everybody made a commitment one way or another. There was no middle ground.

React: When the gospel of Christ is presented, a reaction is demanded. You are either for Him or against Him. There is no middle ground. To say, “later” is a rejection. No later is guaranteed. To say, “maybe” is a rejection. You are simply not being honest about your hesitations. Each and every one of us has a choice. Either we will surrender to Him or go to war against Him. Which do you chose?


God, I surrender to You. All I have, all I am is Yours. I have made my choice and I will follow You. Please help me to keep my footsteps sure as I walk out the commitment I have made to You. As I speak with others, give my words an urgency and an anointing that I might help them come to their own place of decision. In all things, may You receive the glory in my life.

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