April 17 – Nothing Less Than Complete Surrender

If he were judged by our understanding of “good theology”, there could only be one verdict… Jesus was a heretic.


I Am His

If we were able to translate the metaphors and not just the words… lets just say this poem would not get a PG rating. Solomon was channeling his inner DH Lawrence, not his inner Shakespeare.

How Much Does It Cost?

But King David replied to Araunah, “No, I insist on buying it for the full price. I will not take what is yours and give it to the Lord. I will not present burnt offerings that have cost me nothing!” (1 Chronicles 21:24) Read: 1 Chronicles 19:1-21:30, Romans 2:25-3:8, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 19:10-12 Relate: Right now I have twenty…