John 3:35 (The Big Brother)

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The Father loves his Son and has put everything into his hands. (John 3:35)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 32:1 – 33:56

Relate: I remember reading a short while back a story a man shared about his childhood. When he was about eight years old, one day he returned home from school embarrassed and in tears. On his walk home the bully from his class waylaid him and frightened him into giving up his glasses as well as some of his other stuff. Once at home his father asked him where his glasses were. The boy told his dad what happened. The father put his hands on his son and told him he needed to go confront that bully and get his glasses back. Almost as soon as the boy was out the door to go meet his doom, the father called in the older brother. He told him, “I’m leaving this in your hands. Let your brother do what he needs to do, but make sure he comes back safe.” The younger was sent out on an impossible task, but he was also sent out with all the power and the backing of an older brother who was more than able.

React: We have an older brother. The Father loves us enough to send Him out on our behalf. Our fate has been left in His hands. There is no doubt whatsoever that He is more than able to carry that burden. What are the bullies in our life? What is the impossible task we have looming before us? If there doesn’t seem to be one then we are definitely not listening to or obeying our Father. So what is it? What are the miracles waiting to happen looming over our head and looking suspiciously like disasters? We have the power and the backing of an older brother. God has placed our fate in His nail scarred hands.


God, help me to trust You. Help me to walk in the courage and the confidence that You have my back. I entrust my life into Your hands. I know that they are more than capable. I know that I am secure. 


5 thoughts on “John 3:35 (The Big Brother)

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  2. Loved the story putting into context Jesus as our big brother.
    Such a great picture, thanks BJ. As ever, masterful pictures painted to enable us to properly comprehend biblical truth.

  3. Gosh this is awesome; I have had to have my big brother look out for me and it sure did feel wonderful. Pray that undergoing maltreatment in such situations tap into the strength of a big brother in heaven. VW

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