John 3:34 (Limitless)

Limitless Edit

For he is sent by God. He speaks God’s words, for God gives him the Spirit without limit. (John 3:34)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 30:1 – 31:54

mountain-03Relate: One of the first verses in the Bible I memorized was only ten words long: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” All things. Anything. The possibilities are limitless. Jesus said if we even have faith as small as a mustard seed we can say to this mountain, be thrown into the sea, and it will be so. Think about that. Mountain… sea… go. Ihave a picture of both right in front of me and even as I type this, I cannot begin to imagine myself speaking that into reality. Jesus spoke to demons and they fled. He spoke to dead girls and they sat up. He spoke to blind eyes, and they opened. He spoke to lepers and they were cured. He gave thanks to God and five thousand men (plus uncounted women and children) were fed from one little kid’s snack. Jesus speaks to sinners and they are forgiven. He is still speaking.

React: Limitless. In the world I live in, that word just doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. Limitless. I want to believe it, but my inner skeptic rises up in rebellion. Jesus has promised greater things through His followers. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. That means He can still speak today through us. The things He can do through us is… limitless. What are we wasting that unlimited potential on? What are we asking for in His Name? A new car? A pay raise? Are our dreams that small? Is our faith that weak? We are mountain movers. We are Christ’s ambassadors which means we speak with the backing and authority of the King. What He desires to do through us… it is limitless.


God, increase my faith. Enlarge my vision. Forgive me for living a life so small. Forgive me for dreaming dreams so petty. Forgive me for choosing battles so small. I want more. You have promised more. There are strongholds to storm. There kingdoms for conquer. The victory, through Your unlimited power is ours. It is mine. Help me to lay hold of it.

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