John 3:22 (Balance)

Spending Time Edit

Then Jesus and his disciples left Jerusalem and went into the Judean countryside.
Jesus spent some time with them there, baptizing people. (John 3:22)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 11:1 – 13:33

Relate: If there is one thing I don’t do nearly enough of, it is intentionally spending time with just one or two friends. I tend to bounce between being part of a group and being alone. I enjoy the opportunity to get together with other individuals but I don’t do it often enough or intentionally enough. I’m also not very good at phone conversations. Strike that, I am downright terrible with phone conversations. If by some odd chance somebody actually catches me on the phone, I can fake it and talk their ear off. Truth is, I rarely answer my phone and almost never will I make a call just to talk. I am far more likely to let the ringing go to voicemail, listen, and then shoot a text right back. Shame on me, I know but that’s just the way it is. I need to work on this.

React: Were Jesus alive today, I don’t think He would have that problem. When I look at the gospels I see a man who models a beautiful balance. He would spend time in the cities, then He would get out into the wilderness. He spent time alone. He spent time with one or two guys, He spent time with all of his disciples, the larger body of followers, and the crowds. He would have a formal dinner with some Pharisees, then go party with some tax collectors and their shady ladies. In any and every situation Jesus seemed comfortable, proficient, balanced and sinless. I’ve shared one area where I need to work on becoming more balanced like Him, what is yours?


God, I desire to be more like You. You are the perfect model of both sinlessness and balance. In both areas I fall short. Help me to live a healthy and balanced life. Help me to live in the purity and integrity You have given me. Help me to radiate Your love. On my own I will always go to one extreme or another. Help me to be intentional to invest time into the relationships You have placed in my life. Even more, help me to be intentional and faithful in spending time with You. 

5 thoughts on “John 3:22 (Balance)

  1. I wonder whether your choice of larger groups has something to do with your need to be alone? I may be projecting here, but that is what I used to do when I wanted some time to myself and yet did not want to disappoint my friends by skipping a get-together. I hope you figure it out. Best wishes,

  2. Our Lord related to people, but He also needed time to be alone. Our “alone” time can contribute to our spiritual growth, but there is also a basic hunger in our heart for love and companionship. People need people. BJ I sincerely hope you find that relationship.

  3. Interesting post! I think God created you exactly as you are, BJ, and you know what works best for you. You’re obviously connecting with people already, right now on your blog – and even though that virtual community doesn’t replace in-person time, you are reaching out in your own way. My phrase lately has been, “Walk the path.” It’s your path. You’re finding your way, holding God’s hand. Peace & Blessings, Ruth

  4. I hear you. I’m an introvert who has learned to function as an extrovert, but like you I truly treasure solitary times, Since I dislike shallow small talk I also avoid parties and coffee-and-goodies milling about “fellowship” and I definitely have telephobia -unless someone calls me first. I can cook or I can clean, but not both on the same day, so throwing dinner parties is majorly stressful, but I need to remind myself to pursue real time with real people and not wait for them to call me. I always enjoy it when I do. I think it was M. Scott Peck who said, “Love is extending yourself for the purpose of nurturing your own or other people’s spiritual growth.” Extending. Intentionally. Right. Gotta remember that.

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