John 2:22 (My Past)

Twenty-twenty Edit

After he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered he had said this, and they believed both the Scriptures and what Jesus had said. (John 2:22)

Daily Bible Reading: Leviticus 1:1 – 3:17, Numbers 8:1 – 9:14

Relate: I love alternate history. I love reading books that will take one moment in time, change one pivotal fact, and then imagine how history would play out differently had “X” not happened or if “Y” happened instead. For example, what if the Spartans actually did vote to go to war. Then King Leonidas wouldn’t have had to illegally take his 300 to Thermopylae. Now we wouldn’t have this really bad movie butchering the facts of the event. Or take another example from Greek history. Pheidippides, (or Eucles) was the runner who supposedly ran all the way from the Battle of Marathon to Athens injured only to die just before relaying message of Athen’s victory. What if he had died on the way? Athens would have been expecting Persia’s next assault by land rather than sea. The Olympics wouldn’t have named their long distance running event after this moment and I wouldn’t have friends and cousins every year around this time pressuring me into torturing my body to the point where I could be able to run one of these.

It is fun to look back at moments of history and wonder what would be different if things were changed. I would guess nearly all of us do this at least every now and then in our own personal lives. What if I did go to Finney rather than staying at CCHS? What if I did ask her out like I’d promised myself I would every day for months rather than being such a chicken? What if I didn’t spend hundreds on that thing that ended up sitting in my closet after that first week? What if I stayed at Zion instead of going to CBC? And the list goes on. We all have them. Some are serious: the lung cancer patient wanders back to that first time he was pressured to take a cigarette. Some are flippant: what if she knew her friend was bluffing in last week’s penny poker game. Hindsight is 20-20. We all look back and wonder what we would have done differently if we knew then what we know now.

React: Even the disciples did it. They had no clue what He was talking about but all through Jesus’ life He was peppering His statements with comments that He knew they wouldn’t get until after the fact. After He would be gone they were the ones who would be responsible to carry His mission forward into all the world. He wanted to leave them something to bolster their faith. He wanted them to know that from start to finish He was, He is, in control and He always knows exactly what He is doing. I can imagine the disciples at quiet moments thinking to themselves, “What if we knew then…” and I can almost hear the Spirit responding in their hearts, “But we do know now so let’s carry this mission forward.” He is still speaking that same message to His children today.


Rather than living in it, God, help me to draw faith and motivation from my past. There have been times when I might not have said or done the right things. Help me to learn from those moments rather than get stuck in them. There are times when things were said or done to me that I wish could be changed. Rather than wallow in those moments, help me to be a change for others who might have experienced the same. Rather than always looking back wondering what I could have done differently, help me to look forward, seeking how I can make a difference in the now.

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