Occupy (John 1:14)


So the Word became human and made his home among us.
He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. 

And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.
(John 1:14)

Read: Genesis 25:27 – 28:5

Relate: On September 17, two and a half years ago about a thousand individuals got together in downtown for a protest that kicked off what would become known as Occupy Wall Street. A couple days later the arrests started happening, and the news started taking them (almost) seriously. Within a week, over 80 were arrested but their marches were literally shutting down streets and temporarily forcing shops to close. At the high point their numbers reached 30,000 and a good percentage of these had left behind comfort and jobs to pitch their tents at Zuccotti Park.

Part of me desperately wanted to go there. It is not that I agreed with their politics. (Lets be honest, most of the protesters didn’t even agree with each other on their politics.) I just saw a golden opportunity that I didn’t cash in on. Here were people discontent with society, discontent with their culture, desperate for a change… any change, gathering together to do life together. They wanted to see a better world and so they came right into the center of humanity and pitched their tents.

React: In many ways, that is just what Jesus did. The New Living Translation above says, “Made His home”, the NIV “Made His dwelling”, and the NASB footnotes a more accurate “And tabernacled among us.” The Greek word being used was skenoo (skay-NO-o) and literally means to pitch a tent. God saw the problems of this world and so He came and took on human form and literally pitched his tent right in the heart of humanity. Finally, we could see for ourselves the glory of the One true God. He is full of grace and truth, of unfailing love and faithfulness.

As for Occupy Wall Street, Mayor Bloomberg tried to shut it down, but what really did the movement in was time and temperature. The fading of zeal as the novelty wore off and the coldness of winter eventually won the day. Don’t let that happen to us. When we believed and asked Christ to become our King and my Savior, He came and dwelt, (tabernacled, pitched his tent) in us. He is now living in us and bringing about a change. He has occupied our heart. But as time brings distance to that first moment of grace there is a danger of losing our passion and zeal. There is also the danger that our heart will grow cold. If we do not continually add fuel to the flame burning in us, it will go out. We need to camp out in the Word and in His presence. We need to fellowship with Him and like minded believers. Let us pitch our tents in the community of God as He dwells in us.


God, I am so grateful that You chose to come and live among us. I am so grateful that You tabernacle in me. Let neither time nor temperature ever take away the zeal and passion that I should have for You. Grow ever bigger in my life. Occupy every room of my heart until there is nothing left for anything else. 

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