September 1 – Hit By A Bus

I’ve been hit by a bus. have you?


March 23 – Upon Re-Entry

They had everything they could want and far more than they deserved. But now it was time to leave it. Now it was time to re-enter the real world.

John 1:45,46 (See For Yourself)

Philip went to look for Nathanael and told him, “We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about! His name is Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.” “Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathaniel. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” “Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied. (John 1:45,46 NLT) Read: Judges 13, Judges 14,…

John 4:21 (No Place)

Jesus replied, “Believe me, dear woman, the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on this mountain or in Jerusalem. (John 4:21) Read: Deuteronomy 33:1 – 34:12, Joshua 1:1 – 2:24 Relate: This week I had the privilege of going to an ARC conference (ARC = Association of Related Churches) down…