I have great news!

Dear friends and family,

Beginning this summer, and continuing into the foreseeable future, by serving their kids, I will have the opportunity to partner with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Not only that, I will have the opportunity to partner with community developers bringing the gospel to the least and the lost throughout the Philippines. I will have the opportunity to partner with ministries reaching Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, and throughout Southeast Asia. Most importantly for me, I will have the opportunity to invest in the education and lives of missionary kids and others at Faith Academy in Manila.

By being a fully funded missionary at this school, I will be able to help keep the fundraising costs down for hundreds of other missionaries throughout Southeast Asia. In turn, this will give other missionaries like the Wycliffe Translators the confidence and peace of mind to know their children are receiving an excellent, God-centered education at a high-quality school created especially for them.

What is great news for you is that you have the opportunity to partner with me in this endeavor. First and foremost, I need your prayer. After serving God in Turkey for the past seven years, this will be a new step, a new culture, and a new language that I will be tackling. I cannot do it alone and I desperately want your prayers. By clicking the appropriate link below, you can begin receiving monthly updates where I will share my journey and how you can strategically pray with me. Also, I need your support. To be able to serve God in this field, I will need to raise about $1,200 a month. I am praying for 120 people that would each be willing to invest ten dollars a month (less than one Dunkin coffee per week). If you would be willing to do that, or any other amount God puts on your heart, please click the other link below.

Finally, thank you. I know many of you have already been regularly praying for me while I was in Turkey. For security reasons, I could not (and for a few more months still cannot) share many details about that. But in this new chapter, as I will be a High School Bible Teacher at Faith, I will finally be able to reconnect with all of you again.

Forever His Servant,
BJ Richardson


5 thoughts on “I have great news!

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  2. I spent some time reading “Letters by a Modern Mystic” Frank Laubach a missionary in the Philippines in the 1930s iirc. I found it a profound and great blessing. I’ll definitely be praying for you in this wonderful new venture!

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