March 30 – Everyone, Everywhere

everyone everywhere

 I will tell everyone about your righteousness. All day long I will proclaim your saving power, though I am not skilled with words.
(Psalm 71:15)

Read: Deuteronomy 13:1-15:23, Luke 8:40-9:6, Psalm 71:1-24, Proverbs 12:5-7

Relate: There is no need for false humility. I can write. If you put a pen in my hand and some paper before me, I can immediately begin fill that paper with something others would want to read. There’s no need for thought. There’s no need for me to sit there and ponder. When the pen goes down my heart begins to flow out.God has gifted me in this way.

I might not be nearly so eloquent in other forms of communication but I also know that I am a decent public speaker. Let me put some notes together and then stick me up on a podium and I can grab and hold the attention of almost any audience. Take those notes away? Spontaneously call me up there? No worries. It might take me a moment or two to get myself warmed up but I will be fine. Whether it is twenty people or two thousand, speaking in front of crowds does not worry me.

On the other hand… put me in a situation where I am one on one with a stranger? Watch my heart race. Watch those hands get sweaty. Young or old, attractive or… not, brilliant or blonde, it doesn’t matter. I am terrified of sitting down with strangers and sharing my faith. In personal, individual conversations like this, I just don’t do well. I am a writer, a preacher and a teacher. God has not gifted me as an evangelist. I’m OK with that.

React: What I am not OK with is using that lack as an excuse. I cannot just leave it to others. There are people I am going to come into contact with every day. They need to hear. They are desperate to learn about the righteousness of God and His saving power. I have a story to tell and I cannot, I must not, confine my sharing to the written word. Yes that is my primary platform, but it is not my only platform.

What is yours? How has God gifted you to speak out and in what scenarios does communicating fill you with dread? What are some ways that we can move beyond our fears? How can we continue to share the love of our Father with everyone we come in contact with using every means and method at our disposal?


You have done so much for me. Time and time again You have proven Yourself true. You have proven Yourself good. God, I am so grateful. Let that gratitude for all You have done for me spill out into every conversation. Let it pour itself into everything I write. Every time my voice is heard, let Your glory and Your goodness shine forth.


11 thoughts on “March 30 – Everyone, Everywhere

  1. I’m not a preacher or teacher but I can sure relate. The Lord takes hold of the pen and my mouth seems to know what to say ………until it comes to witnessing on a one on one basis. Then the tongue doesn’t seem to want to work. The Lord knows and helps where we let Him. I don’t think He expects us to be able to do everything perfectly. At least I hope not.

  2. Interesting. I would think most people have it the other way around. I know I do. I get intimidated by a crowd but not so much one on one. The only thing that keeps me going is the desire to share my experience of spiritual awakening. It’s necessary for people to realize the truth of the soul because it reveals the source of our self-worth. Nice video btw. Peace.

  3. Thank you for this post; I can relate. I turn into a basket case in less than a few seconds, stumbling over my own words. And all sense of trying to deliver a superb gospel messages sounds more like someone trying to learn a new language. By time I realize I sound like a dufus, (they are looking at me with a confused look on their face) is about the time I call on the Holy Spirit to speak through me because I can’t articulate anything. I should have at the beginning of the conversation asked the Holy Spirit to speak through me. What was I thinking when I confidently told myself, “you got this.”

  4. God living in us, is becoming our way to do everything. We are becoming like Jesus, who did nothing of himself; the Father living in him did the work. He didn’t speak his own word, he spoke the Father’s word. If God speaks, we speak. If he’s quiet, we’re quiet. He’s the one who saves people, at the time appointed by him. If he wants to use us, he makes it happen. We are becoming his living dwelling place, living expressions of him, people wonderfully and thankfully enslaved by a fountain of living water that wells up within us, becoming our life and everything. Making humans his dwelling place, this is what He’s doing, through his son, Jesus Christ, who also lives in us. The two are one, with us.

  5. I, too, understand your words. I can write and I can speak to an audience, with notes or without. I have presented contested cases to appellate courts in multiple jurisdictions without problem. But talking with a stranger about my faith is horrifying. Your post, though, reminds me that I must do it all the while recognizing that, because I am horrified, I am weak and the power of God will work through me for His purposes in the conversation. God is best on display when the vessel is weak and powerless so that it is clear that any result is the work of God and not man. A hard lesson to learn, but a truth that spans the ages. On The Ruminant Scribe, I have identified The River Walk as a Blog I Follow. Thanks for your posts. Prayers and blessings to you this day.

  6. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:
    Each one of us unique in God’s hands and it is wonderful, awesome that He wants us to be His channels of blessing to others with His good news. Are we ready? Let us claim – all things are possible in Him!

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  8. I can pray, I can write and I can connect one-on-one, depending on how the conversation goes. Get me in front of a crowd and make me do anything other than act in a play, I crumble. I am slowly recognizing He has different positions for each of us. He has gifted me particularly to the quieter gifts-listening, lifting up others in my war room, and writing my thoughts versus speaking in a large group. It’s all for His glory. 🙂

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