17 thoughts on “Especially Fond Of You

  1. Amen and amen, I find myself explaining this over and over in my blog because the love God has for me is so personal, so intense, so complete I think I need to assure people He feels the same way for them too!

    That song (in the video) is staple for my cooking time and I look out and sing it over my neighbours praying I have chance to tell them too!! I would apologise for my enthusiastic gabbling here but I am not sorry. I want to burst with the joy of knowing – or beginning to know – how He loves us!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “You are absolutely, immensely, and infinitely loved by God. You are His own special treasure.”
    I am utterly convinced if more of us truly believed this, our thoughts and words and actions toward each other would be exceedingly different.

  3. I think one of the great challenges here is that, while we know humanly that “love” is not a fixed quantity… A man can love his wife, AND kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, his parents, his brothers and sisters… etc. without “diminishing his ‘stockpile’ of ‘love’… We know that.

    But at the same time, TIME is not so “unlimited”. A child can know that his/her parents’ love all the brothers and sisters “equally”… BUT there still is an allocation of “limited time and attention” that can be spent on one individual, apart from others.

    As children (and often as adults), we learn to “compete” for that time. We struggle for it, act out for it, excel for it, work to earn it, seek awards to gain it. And so on and so on.

    I find that Christians often play out the same scenario towards God, without meaning to or realizing it. God “has so many more important things to be doing and paying attention to… Who am I to warrant His notice?” So, unconsciously (often), people try to “warrant His notice” just as we had to try to gain Mom and Dad’s attention by winning a Spelling Bee, or playing a solo in the Band Concert, or Dance Recital.

    TIME… such a critical “God element” that’s so hard for people to get.

    I’ve watched people looked shocked and a bit… almost “offended”… when I’ve said, “Jesus has nothing more important or better to do, than stand alongside you all day long, encouraging, guiding, nurturing, advising, and strengthening you each moment.” YOU are the most important thing in your universe, to Him.

    Why? Because He wants it so. He has declared His agenda, to love. And through you, in your universe, to love others.

    TIME… a complete “deal breaker” in our experience… utterly irrelevant to Him.

    Tough concept for us to get, but once we do… “Whoosh”… everything can change.

    Great post here! Grace — LM

  4. This is so true, and so right, just as we as human beings love each other in different ways all are loved with equal amounts. This is also true with God, his love knows no bounds and has no limits. In fact, there are times when I think I am going to drown in his love, it is so great.

  5. Beejai,
    I have a similar opinion about “The Shack.”
    You are right; since we are all unique, we are loved uniquely. We shouldn’t have the thought that one can be loved more than another. Yet those we do love, we still don’t love completely. The reason is that we are here on a journey toward perfecting ourselves to the will of God. Once that is fulfilled then we will know perfect love. And it won’t happen here.

  6. Thanks so much for this wonderful reminder of God’s unchanging love. Your comments brought to mind the chorus to an original song:

    I know that I know that I know that I know.
    I know that I know You still love me.

    Thanks, Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe.

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  9. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:
    No Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, animist or religious person has experienced the unique love of God to the child of God who has accepted it. Why don’t you accept His special love for you – it goes from the guttermost to the uttermost!

  10. Where did this particular blog post go? Not above, missing. Before and after postings intact. I’d like the opportunity to read this, can you fix link or repost?

  11. I found it again in your email notification. Great posting. I can never hear enough how God loves me, us, each one. I read a statement from a friend of my today that said “Jesus will be just as excited to see us in heaven as we will be to see Him.” You know I never thought about it, but it is a precious truth.

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