I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11)

Read: Ezekiel 42:1-43:27, James 5:1-20, Psalm 119:1-16, Proverbs 28:6-7

Relate: The word “hidden” in Hebrew is tsaphan. It can mean to conceal in the sense of having something too valuable for common use (Job 10:13), something to treasure that is of great worth (Proverbs 10:14), or something to store up, to build up something over time like grain in a silo (Hosea 13:12). When speaking of the Bible, all three types of definition fit well. The Bible is far too precious to be used as a beating stick. To use my knowledge of the Bible to belittle or degrade others is a sin. Bible bashing only drives others away from the God I claim to serve. The Bible is also something of great worth. It is a love letter from my fiance’. It is my marching orders from the Supreme Commander. It is an instruction manual for how I can put my life back together. It is the promise of a better future. The Bible is also something whose constant use builds over time. It is my daily bread being stored away against times of hunger. It is a solid foundation I can build upon day by day, brick by brick.

React: Instead of talking about how we should all be diligent daily in both reading and memorizing the Bible, I figured perhaps it’s time I lead by example…

Your turn…


God, help me to conceal your word in my heart. Help me not to use it to abuse Your loved ones. Help me to use it as a weapon against Your enemies, not my antagonists. Help me also to treasure Your Word. Help it to be something I love and long to come back to again and again, not a chore that I have to tick off my daily checklist. Most of all help me to store up Your Word. Help me not to rest on past accomplishments but to daily, regularly, store it up inside of me. Give me this day, my daily bread.


13 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Well done, BJ. Storing the word through memorization is transformational. I too have memorized all of James and fourteen psalms. When the word is rooted in your heart and mind, it changes your life.

  2. Oh yes. I don’t know how God must feel when he sees us using His word as weapons to ‘win’ against each other when our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.
    I am growing to love God’s word with a passion because it transforms and changes ME.
    Your memorisation is impressive, I find it so hard to do 😦

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  4. Stored Psalm 91 this week. Running and doing memory work has become a refuge. He covers me with His feathers as I pound the pavement and let HIM write HIS words on flesh. This practice heals my mind, restores my body and charges my heart to “run out” daily, one step at a time, what HE has stored up in me to OVERFLOW! Thank you for a beautiful word! Have the best day ever! GoGod

    • When I was more serious in running, I had a few upbeat worship songs I would play through on a mental repeating track. I never thought to combine memorization with running.

      • I listen to podcasts a lot. There are some amazing Jesus loving voices out there. However, sometimes too many other voices will drown out HIS directly to me. I felt the Lord asking me to take out my earphones:) So I did. I literally run with a piece of paper in my hand sometimes with the verses I am soaking in. I can pull them up on my phone but I can’t see them as good (getting older eyes) and I get to distracted by all the other things I can look at or respond to on my phone (ADD moments:) God mixes it up for me and gets creative so my mind doesn’t play ping pong or chase squirrels all day:)

  5. Reblogged this on Psalm8110's Blog and commented:
    A really great post! Psalm 91 has been what God is writing on my heart lately. ” HE is covering me in HIS feathers; under HIS wings I find refuge. HIS faithfulness is my shield and rampart.” I am hidden in HIM and this post from “The River Walk” spoke to that! Thank you for sharing “The River Walk”

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