Irrational Obedience

irrational obedience

“As they watch, lift your pack to your shoulders and walk away into the night. Cover your face so you cannot see the land you are leaving. For I have made you a sign for the people of Israel.” So I did as I was told. (Ezekiel 12:6-7)

Read: Ezekiel 12:1 – 14:11, Hebrews 7:1-17, Psalm 105:37-45, Proverbs 27:3

Relate: There are no two ways about it. Ezekiel is a genuine, bonafide nutcase. If we were simply looking at the man’s life and some of the things he did, without the vantage point of a Biblical perspective, he would be a lunatic. If I were a contemporary of his, I would think he was insane. If he were around today, we would lock him up in a padded cell and and a full battery of “professionals” would make their careers writing case studies and psychology books about him. I love it.

Think about it, his first prophesy included eating a scroll. Then, after being mute for a good long time, for over a year he lay on his side eating only water and a little whole grain bread cooked over cow dung. (He talked God out of using human feces) When this was up, he shaved. With a sword. Collecting that hair, he burned a third of it, scattered a third to the wind, and then ran around the city stabbing at the final third with that sword.

So packing up all his belongings in suitcases, digging a hole in the wall of his house, and carrying it all out through that hole right on out of the city… blindfolded… is small potatoes. Yes, he would always manage to gather a crowd for his antics. It’s human nature, king of like everyone rubbernecking at a train wreck or that Rebecca Black youtube video garnering 85 million views (or 126 million for nyan cat). If anyone ever needed proof that social media popularity is no proof of beauty or intelligence, those two end all debate. But I digress…

React: Sometimes I think that the crazier an idea seems, the more likely that it is from God. I think that part of having the childlike faith necessary to be among the greatest in God’s kingdom is the ability to dream irrational dreams and then to actually strive towards carrying them out. I can almost picture Ezekiel complaining to God,

Ezekiel – I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to get through to these people. What will it take to get them to listen?
God – I’m glad you asked, I need you to shave your beard with a sword. Then…
A few days later:
Ezekiel – God, my reputation is completely ruined. Thanks for that.
God – But it worked, didn’t it?
Ezekiel – Well, actually, it kinda did.
God – Excellent. This time…

If I were to have such a conversation with God, would I be as willing to obey? If God were calling me beyond the extraordinary right into the realm of the insane, would I be able to follow through with an irrational obedience? Would you? What crazy ideas have been bouncing around in the back of our heads on what we could accomplish for God? Is it time to turn those insane ideas into action?


God, all too often I am only willing to follow You when it leads in at least semi-respectable directions. Please forgive me for this pride. Please help me to live with a childlike abandon. Let me follow You with a radical, irrational obedience. If people think I am insane, that is fine. All that matters is what You say of me.


8 thoughts on “Irrational Obedience

  1. Oh Beejai! This one is a real doozy!

    I cannot begin to tell you how this has ministered to me today. You see… There is something Mr. Gypsy and I have been praying for for years. It is just starting to come into view. As it began to emerge, we started getting cold feet thinking “Wow, this IS pretty crazy! We’re not sure exactly how to make it work.” As a result, we’ve been holding back a little, racking our brains and struggling with logistics.

    Your comment…
    “Sometimes I think that the crazier an idea seems, the more likely that it is from God.” REALLY resonated with and ministered to me this morning…in that warm rush head to toe. This post combined with a couple other readings of mine have tied in to, at times, we need to accept the unreasonable and illogical (human thinking) as God’s reasonable and logical leading.

    God bless you, Bro.

  2. Strong message. Who is there left who will commit themselves, not to themselves but to God, to follow Him this seriously? Shall we all pray for His strength and His guidance? Shall we pray that He helps us follow where He would lead us today?

  3. You know what they say about ‘great minds’? God has one; He inspired both of us to write about obedience even when it doesn’t make sense. I wrote last week and you this week. Enjoyed this; Ezekiel surely did have to follow through on some uh…nutty stuff!

  4. The day I got to study and understand the life of this prophet I found the courage to take some very life-changing steps in life. I also learned to obey God even when people do not seem to understand me any more.
    I’ve had to follow some very illogical instructions from God that made me lose friends…leaving a church, leaving a relationship, turning my back on some choices…but in all this I’ve learned that some times God wants us to rock the boat and count on Him alone.

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