Two Words

Two Words

Jesus fully realized all that was going to happen to him, so he stepped forward to meet them.
“Who are you looking for?” he asked.
“Jesus the Nazarene,” they replied.
I am he,” Jesus said. (Judas, who betrayed him, was standing with them.)
As Jesus said I am he,” they all drew back and fell to the ground!
John 18:4-6

Read: Acts 14:21-28, Galatians 1:1 – 3:23

Relate: Ego Eimi. I exist. It is I. I am. However you want to translate it, the words out of Jesus mouth threw the others to the ground. Judas, the betrayer, was there. A delegation from the priests and the Pharisees was there in all their stuffily religious zeal. A detachment of soldiers was there armed to the teeth. It doesn’t matter. With two words, “I AM” they all fall down.

These men came to arrest Jesus. They wanted to control Him, to stop Him, to silence Him. They wanted to put Him in chains and take Him where He didn’t want to go. They thought they were in control of the situation. The religious delegates felt that they were the ones running the show. The soldiers felt they could handle anything that came their way. Judas thought… well, who knew what Judas was thinking. He clearly wasn’t. No matter. With two simple words, in Greek, “Ego Eimi” in English, “I AM” Jesus set them straight. The road He walked to the cross was completely and totally His choice. It was not forced on Him. He never lost control. What He did, Jesus did willingly.

React: Am I like the soldier? Do I think I can force the issue? If I have the right tools, the right weapons, I am the one in control? If only I am strong enough, if I undergo enough training or preparation, then I can be the one running the show. This is a popular lie from the world. If one has enough education, or self discipline, if one knows the right people then they can be the one running the show.

Am I the religious delegate? Do I think that by virtue of my self earned righteousness that I can be the one running the show? We would never couch it in those terms, but how often do those in the religious world buy into this lie? If only I pray more, or fast more, then God must listen to me. If I stop what I am doing and bow my head to the east with every call from the minaret then surely God will listen to me? If I read my Bible more often, how could I not earn His favor? How dare He deny my request?

Am I Judas? Everyone thinks I am a follower of Christ. I believe I’ve got everyone fooled. Even God. Even perhaps myself. Yet even as my words and my appearance is that of being a friend of God, with my actions I betray Him. I think I’ve got everything under control. I can stop doing it anytime I want. As long as I say I’m sorry, He has to forgive my most recent betrayal. I think that an apology has it covered and that repentance is far too radical a step. “I’m in control” I think as I betray Him with a kiss.

Then He speaks two words…
All illusions are shattered.


God, shatter my illusions. Knock me off my feet. That misconception of control, that idea of freedom, that I can do my own thing. Erase it from my mind. Forgive me for the audacity in thinking that if somehow I might be a little more righteous I might somehow control You. Forgive me for the temerity in thinking that I can be OK even as I betray You with my sin. Forgive me for thinking that I can run things with just a little more self discipline or force of will. You are in control. You are God. You are, “Ego eime.” Jesus, You are I AM.

10 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. This is so true; it really made me wonder who I am and was. Sorry to say I believed in the lie one had to be a “perfect” Christian to a leader or be blessed. So I would even say I believed the lie of a being delegate Christian, thinking if I do more I’ll be blessed more. What I failed to realize was that God provided before I knew him so I don’t need to much to get his provisions, HE LOVES ME REGARDLESS. He does not love the things I do but he still LOVES me! I just need to show him I love him without feeling like its chore.

  2. Do you think, from the throne, that instructions flow as does electricity flows to an appliance as long as the switch is closed in?

    I often wonder about this.
    Your prayer is amazing and as was said before , that is a tough prayer.

  3. Of course we should desire to please God. But Jesus made it clear that God alone is good.
    Thinking I can be “good” is perhaps the worst (or ultimate root) of all sins. It is an attitude fueled by pride and an assumption that if I just had enough knowledge, I could get my life together. It has been a great stumbling block in my own life, even as I mourn the reality that I regularly fail to meet God’s perfect standard of righteousness.

    Trying harder is never acceptable when giving up to Christ’s supremacy has always been the solution.

    I am praying with you that I, too, may completely accept Jesus’ rightful claim over my life.

  4. I love the song ‘mended’
    Where the singer is taking the view of Jesus Christ love for us.
    I close my eyes and know I am unworthy but I also know Grace, and mercy. And only by what Jesus Christ has done do I never have to thirst again. I am His… and he is All.
    The greatest and strongest man I know humbled himself for others crimes the weakest man I know prided himself to much to humble himself to the one whom died for him.

  5. There is a great revelation found here… Jesus IS Lord. No power, attitude, official or betrayal can unseat Jesus as the King of Kings. All fell to the ground. In our lives, have we come to meet the great “I AM?” Have we fallen to the ground as Jesus reveals Himself to us?
    Herein lies the challenge, do we now live our lives with Jesus as our Lord and Master. Or, to our detriment, have we stood up, brushed the dirt from our clothes with a shrug and tell each other, “Wow that was an awesome experience, wonder when the next show is?”

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