John 7:6-7 (Pick Your Fight)

pick your fights

Jesus replied, “Now is not the right time for me to go, but you can go anytime.
he world can’t hate you, but it does hate me because I accuse it of doing evil. (John 7:6-7)

Read: 1 Kings 9:15 – 10:29, 2 Chronicles 1:14-17, 2 Chronicles 8:1 – 9:28

Relate: Pick your fights.

That is a motto of a man named Bob Goff who is so in love with Christ that he has made it his life’s work picking fights. Even though he is a United States citizen and lives most of his life here in the states, Bob has been appointed by the nation of Uganda as a special emissary to the US. Not only that, he regularly practices law there and in India where has has helped see over 80 criminals meet justice.

Bob Goff’s fight is slavery. In India that translates into the rescue of women who have been forced into the sex slave trade and in the arrest and prosecution of the traders and pimps who think they can own these girls. In Uganda, it translates into Restore Leadership Academy that is raising up over 250 young men and women, many of whom at one point were forced into slavery as child “soldiers” or the “wives” of such soldiers. Because Bob Goff is passionately in love with his Savior, he is actively involved in confronting evil. He has picked his fight.

React: What’s mine? What is yours? I have to admit that today’s scripture from John kind of took me by surprise. It was like a right hook that knocked me to my knees. I guess perhaps I should stay there for a while. I can easily picture Jesus saying, “The world hates me” but the second half… “because I accuse it of doing evil” isn’t quite the Jesus I normally picture. Is that because I am often too comfortable in my western Christianity? Here “activism” means writing an article or maybe writing my congressman. If I want to get truly radical, maybe I’ll even go on a walk or a march. What is confronting evil meant actually selling everything I have and actually going? What if it means making my life a fight? What would that fight look like?


God, I don’t want to do great things for You. Instead I want to be so completely and totally surrendered to You that You might do great things through me. Give me a deeper and stronger and greater and more enduring passion for You. Let that passion find an overflow in my actions. Give me a fight. I want to be like You and doing so means I need to confront evil.


4 thoughts on “John 7:6-7 (Pick Your Fight)

  1. Hi B.J. I think there are various kinds of “fighting.” We are not all called to sit in a court room or do street ministry for example. For me, I do what the Lord calls me to do and it isn’t always easy. The battle is His we just obey.

    • Of course. Some “fighting” we will never learn about until heaven as people have spent hours on end in intercession for cultures or strongholds that nobody else knew about. Some people’s fight is to win every person on their block to Christ. Others fight is to pour their lives into their pens (or, I guess, keyboards). The key is to have a fight for God that you are willing to invest your life in.

      However, investing a few minutes a day a few days a week into something would not be considered a fight. That’s just a passing hobby.

  2. You may not see the fight you are in. Every day you send out your offering to God in your posts, you have had to push past the hidden urge to be content with where we are with Christ. Your posts direct others along with us, to seek more of Him. You are waging a war against complacency. You may wish for a more glorious or visual fight, but the one Jesus gives you is an honorable gift. Be strengthened by the thought that whatever colaboration on your part is, He sees clearly its worth and our reward is with Him. If you are asking Him to increase your effort or your effectiveness, I will pray along with you.
    Fight on my brother!

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