John 3:31 (Best of the Best)

Best of the Best

He has come from above and is greater than anyone else. We are of the earth, and we speak of earthly things, but he has come from heaven and is greater than anyone else. (John 3:31)

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 25:1 – 26:65

Relate: There are certain things I consider myself good at. I am a prolific reader. My goal every year is to read a hundred books a year. But that isn’t really enough. Something inside of me gets vexed if even one of my friends on goodreads has read more books than I have. If someone asks me about a certain book and I haven’t read it, a part of me is embarrassed. I know with my head that I can’t possibly read everything that is written. After all, there’s roughly 150 million books published and even were I to read a book a day I am not even scratching the surface. It is consoling to know that I will have an eternity to catch up. But that said, when it comes to reading, I want to excel. I want to be the greatest. I’m not. there are one or two people I know that I just can’t catch. Maybe they read a little bit faster. Maybe they have a little more time. Whatever the reason, they have me beat.

I want my Syracuse Orangemen to be the best. For twenty-five games, we were. Nobody could beat us. Unfortunately, the season wasn’t just twenty-five games long. For the ‘Cuse it was thirty-four games and even though we finished with a very good 28-6 record, we didn’t win the ACC tournament and we didn’t win March madness. On certain days, there was somebody better. Dayton is not a better basketball team than the Orange but on a certain day they were a little faster, they shot a little better. When time ran out they were a little bit ahead. Nobody can always be the best.

React: Except for Jesus. On the things that really matter, he is the gold standard. I can get caught up in earthly things like basketball and reading. For others it might be TV or running or work. Maybe you long to have the best car, the cleanest house, or the biggest bank account. Perhaps it is the most sales at work or the smartest kids in school. Whatever it is, earthly things pull us away from the things from above. In what really matters, nobody is greater than Jesus. In the things of God, He is the perfect model. After all, He is God made flesh. The best we can possibly do is model ourselves after Him. He leads the pack, the best we can do is follow. How closely do we do that?


God, You are the greatest. In the areas that matter, no one else can come close. You are sinless. Jesus, You are perfect. And You call me to follow You. The very name be which we call ourselves, Christian, sets a standard of Christ likeness. All too often I fail to live up to that name. We all do. But as I follow, I am getting closer. By Your grace and through Your power I am walking more and more in step with You. Help me to keep walking. Help me to strive for perfection in the things that truly matter because, Jesus, I just want to be like You.

2 thoughts on “John 3:31 (Best of the Best)

  1. Much like “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness” it kinda beats you how to actually accomplish this feat without appearing totally weird and isolated in today’s society. VW

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