John 2:6 (Abundance)

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Standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing. Each could hold twenty to thirty gallons.
(John 2:6)

Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 20:1 – 22:15

Relate: Jesus has this bad habit of overdoing it. OK, OK, since it is Jesus we’re talking about, and since He is the Son of God, perhaps we shouldn’t call the habit “bad”. Nothing He does is bad. It is just that, when He decides to bless… He overdoes it. Just think about when he decided to feed the five thousand. He didn’t just provide enough for everyone to have two hours devours each. He didn’t make sure there was just enough for each person to meet their two thousand calorie diet and that’s it. (By the way, I think a two thousand calorie diet is ridiculous. Two thousand calories is what I call breakfast.) He provided enough food so that every man (five thousand) woman and child (not counted) could eat until they were stuffed. But that’s not all. Once they were all loosening their belt buckles he had the disciples go collect the leftovers and they had 12 baskets full. He didn’t just feed the crowd. He overfed them and had even more to spare.

The same thing takes place at this wedding at Cana. Now keep in mind, wedding receptions in Jesus day were a bit more extravagant than what we have today. This isn’t just some reception for a couple hours after the ceremony where everyone sits around at tables and a few brave souls (growing in number as the night goes on) get up and dance. No, this celebration goes on for a week. When Jesus does His first miracle, they’re probably about five days in to this party. Then Jesus gets has them fill 6 jars that can hold a total of 120 to 180 gallons of water. I figure my fridge could probably hold 20-25 gallons of milk if I had absolutely nothing else in it. So imagine packing full six or seven average size fridges with wine. Think about it this way, the average bathtub holds about 30 gallons. Now fill five of them right to the top. That’s how much water Jesus turned to wine. And this wasn’t even for the entire wedding feast, this was just the grand finale!

React: Our God is a God of abundance. He loves to bless us. Its just my opinion but I think if someone came to Jesus at that feast and said, “We need a couple hundred gallons of wine, and we need it now,” this miracle probably never would have happened. No, the request was more like, “God help!” He didn’t just provide enough to get them through, He gave in abundance. If I were to pray, “God, I need a Lexus and make sure its all tricked out.” I have a feeling we will be praying for a long long time with no result. But if we were to say, “God, please help this car to keep running at least until Friday when I can use my paycheck to take it to the shop” God just might drop that Lexus on our front doorstep. He loves to surprise. He loves to use our mustard seed prayers to move mountains. Miracles don’t happen because our faith is big enough. They happen because our God is big enough… and then some.


You are a God of abundance. God, I know that but sometimes I seem to want just enough to get by. Surprise me. At other times, the wrong times, I tend to get upset because I am not being blessed with an “abundance” of the wrong things. Help me to rejoice with others whom You have blessed. Help me to be content with whatever You chose to give me. And help me to seek and to have more and more and more of You.

14 thoughts on “John 2:6 (Abundance)

  1. Bemused. That’s the word that comes to mind when I compare some of your posts with the scripture you cite. What does Exodus 20:1 – 22:15 have to do with John 2:6? Since you don’t say, I presume you want us to figure it out for ourselves. I wonder how many do, but I hope people try.

    • The writing for the blog is working through the book of John this year. The reading from Exodus is from the One Year Bible’s daily reading plan. I spoke on that around New Years but I should find a better way to note that fact on a daily basis. Thank you.

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