Icons. Images. However well intentioned, it is idolatry. I can’t just worship God however I feel like it. I must be obedient to what He has commanded.

Feliz Navidad

This year I am Joseph. No, I am not really Joseph, I am Mauricio Arenas. My wife really is Mary. Well, she’s Maria but that is close enough. Our daughter, Esperanza, gets to play the role of Jesus.

25 Songs of Christmas #19 Mary Did You Know

Mary did you know. Who would have guessed that a song written by a comedian sixteen years ago would today become one of the most recognizable of Christmas tunes? I think it is safe to say that this Christmas season, it will cumulatively be the most viewed Christmas song on youtube (thanks, Penatonix). I would…


Do not make idols or set up carved images, or sacred pillars, or sculptured stones in your land so you may worship them. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 26:1) Read: Leviticus 25:47-27:13, Mark 10:32-52, Psalm 45:1-17, Proverbs 10:22   Relate: Emperor Leo III overthrew his predecessor to save the Kingdom. Byzantium had been severely mismanaged and was…

He Is Here

We cannot begin to understand Job’s grief. When God allowed Satan to attack him, that old devil didn’t pull any punches. His property, gone. His home, destroyed. His children, dead. His body, tormented. To top it all off his wife has turned to him and in the bitterness of her own grief shouts out, “Why don’t you just curse God and die?!”

But Mary Stayed

When Jesus arrived at Bethany, he was told that Lazarus had already been in his grave for four days. Bethany was only a few miles down the road from Jerusalem, and many of the people had come to console Martha and Mary in their loss. When Martha got word that Jesus was coming, she went to…

John 2:6 (Abundance)

Standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing. Each could hold twenty to thirty gallons. (John 2:6) Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 20:1 – 22:15 Relate: Jesus has this bad habit of overdoing it. OK, OK, since it is Jesus we’re talking about, and since He is the Son of God, perhaps we shouldn’t…