Echoing Jesus (John 1:46)


“Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathanael. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”
“Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied.

Daily Bible Reading: Job 40:6 – 42:17

Relate: “What do you want?” Then “Come and see.” Later, “Your name is Simon, son of John. But you will be called Cephas.” Finally, “Come, follow me.” These four brief statements are all we have recorded of Jesus so far in the book of John. Two of them are calls to come. When Nathanael sends his doubts that the product of Nazareth could be the One, Philip echoes the only command Jesus has given. “Come.” Jesus hasn’t begun to teach yet. He hasn’t performed any miracles yet. He hasn’t begun to mentor his disciples outside of that one day the two spent with Him. So Philip couldn’t have known much, but what he did know he shared.

React: I am a huge fan of knowledge and learning. For me a good time on my day off is settling into one of those comfy chairs at Barnes and Noble with a good book and some coffee. I am a firm believer that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is a divine undertaking that each of us, as Christians are called to. But if we are hoarding that knowledge, or if the lack of it is preventing us from speaking and stepping out then it has become an idol in our life. Philip and Andrew both could not have known much but what little they did know, they echoed. Jesus said come and see. Philip said come and see. Are we telling people the same? What if they ask a question and we aren’t sure of the answer? Well, have them come and find out for themselves. What if they have doubts or philosophical questions we might not be able to answer. A true encounter with Jesus will sweep all that away. So point them to Jesus. Pull them to Jesus. Pester them until they relent. Grab their hand and drag them along. Get behind them and push on their shoulders. Whatever it takes, compel them to come… and see… for themselves.


God, I’m not always the best at echoing You. All too often I am tooting my own horn instead. Help silence the noise and static that emanates from my life so that when I speak, people hear only You. Let me be an echo of Your call to the world to come and see. Help me to resonate with Your passion to seek and save the lost so that they will look and be found. Silence any noise that isn’t You until the entire world reverberates with Your love. 

9 thoughts on “Echoing Jesus (John 1:46)

  1. BJ, I happen to totally like this one this morning. As I woke up this morning and praying, meditating on His word, I felt drawn to tell others to seek Jesus, for them to hear Him call them by “come and follow me”. God bless you BJ, keep sharing!

  2. Haha! makes the joy of Jesus overflow in me . Come and see what I know. Jesus is my life and my love come and see. Love it well done BJ. God speed you my brother God speed.

  3. I see that we both are taking a walk through John. I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences with God, and there is no exception here. It is encouraging for me to read your thoughts on the very same verses that I am studying myself; to be able to grasp a deeper meaning that I have only begun to understand. Praise be to God, for the practical doings, even as simple as this. Have a blessed day.

  4. I’m right there with you about “hoarding” the knowledge. God has shown me how much of an idol that is in my life, so your words today let me know I still haven’t removed the impression those idols left on my heart. Ugh. Point, pull, and push people to Christ. Yes. Of course. Again, it’s not about me. Thank you so much. God’s Word is good.

  5. This reminds me of Beth Moore’s comment about fat birds who spend too much time eating seeds, compared to believers spending too much time chewing on God’s Word, but neglecting to step out in faith and service . . . . Convicting! For I love cozy chairs, coffee, and a good book too. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

    • A year and a half, and a totally new country later, one of those chairs with a cup of Starbucks (no B&N, though) is still my favorite way to spend some free time.

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