Guilty As Sin (12/24/13)

guilty as sin

Read: Zechariah 6:1-7:14, Revelation 15:1-8, Psalm 143:1-12, Proverbs 30:24-28

Don’t put your servant on trial, for no one is innocent before you.
(Psalm 143:2)

Relate: David knew a truth. He was guilty. I am guilty. You are guilty. Each and every one of us are as guilty as sin. There’s no getting around that fact. There is no escaping it. If the audio version of my thoughts is going to be played in heaven’s court, I don’t stand a chance. If my motives are shown in closed caption, I’m fried. If my secret shame were pulled out from under the rug and the corner of the closet, I’m done for. And so are you. I don’t care if your name is Billy Graham. I don’t care if you’re the reincarnation of Mother Theresa. We are all dirty little devils deserving of hell.

What is worse, we try to justify our sin. We try to rationalize it. We try to look for someone worse with whom we can compare so that we won’t look so bad. But David knew better. David knew the truth. And if I look honestly in the mirror, if you would peel away the rationalizations, we would know it true. Each and every one of us is guilty as sin. That is why we can say like David, “Please, please don’t put me on trial.” We already know what the verdict will be.

React: God also knew. Of course He did. For Him, our thoughts, our motives truly are completely revealed. Nothing is hidden from His sight. Even worse, since He is truth, those justifications and rationalizations and comparisons we try to use to cover up our guilty conscience don’t amount to a hill of beans. He sees right through it.

But He didn’t put us on trial. Instead He came. That is what Emmanuel means: “God with us”. And God did come down and live with us. He walked with us. He taught us and healed us and gave us an example to follow. Then He stepped into that spiritual courtroom in our place. He took the verdict we deserved. He died. He took our sin from us and dragged it straight to hell where it belongs. What is best, He left it there when He took back the keys and kicked open the gates. Now, once again Jesus, Emmanuel, can live with us because we have been forgiven. That is what the incarnation is all about. That is what Christmas is all about. That is the greatest gift of all.


God, I thank You for Your grace. I thank You that I don’t get what I do deserve. I recognize that I am a sinner deserving of hell. I am so grateful that You came and You died, and You now live in my place. I am thankful that You came. I am thankful that You are here. I surrender to You, Emmanuel. 

18 thoughts on “Guilty As Sin (12/24/13)

  1. All we can say guilty as charged, and yet the wonderful grace of God gives us what we don’t deserve, He clothes with His righteousness in the Saviour of the World. Amen
    Thanks for reminding us where we have come from.
    Happy Christmas from Pilgrimway Pulpit

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  3. I found myself thinking on the same lines. One of my kids did something wrong and I was very disappointed but I remembered that God doesn’t relate with me based on my past sins but on what Christ did for me. Yes, my kid was guilty but so am I yet I am washed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Oh, Thank God for calvary!
    Thank you for this post. Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. Mary x miss for all Friedan am very gleald to be alive in this time thank you god for keeping me alive hell jesus was baron

  5. We may all have secrets hidden in in our mental closets that we don’t want revealed. But the way to redeem ourselves is not to point at someone worse than we are, but to learn from those sins. If we have learned not to do those things again because of the damage we cause, and the consequences of our actions, those dark secrets no longer have to be rotting, shameful sores in our minds. Forgiven by those whom we have shinned against, we must also forgive ourselves and become better people because of what we have learned. That’s the only way I can live with certain things that I have done: transformation.

  6. Hey! I nominated your blog the “Liebster award” 🙂 Hope you have the time to do it- to tell you the truth I barely read other people’s blog but I am just in love with what you write and how you write it- the word of God I mean. Which is why I am nominating you 🙂 Take care and God bless!

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