The Promise of a Pony (11/14/13)

Read: Ezekiel 29:1-30:26, Hebrews 11:32-12:13, Psalm 112:1-10, Proverbs 27:17

All these people earned a good reputation because of their faith, yet none of them received all that God had promised. (Hebrews 11:39)

Relate: For the first time this season, I woke up this morning to snow on the ground. It’s winter time. First thing I wanted to do was crawl back into my bed, throw the covers over my head and pray that I’m dreaming. For all of my adult life I have been a summer boy. Spring brings the promise of new life. Autumn the wise reminder to enjoy fleeting beauty while it lasts. Summer is where I truly come alive. But winter? Winter brings cold, bleak, wet, death.

It wasn’t always that way. I can imagine the time when that wasn’t so. The first true snowfall would bring excitement and joy. It would be the promise that Christmas is coming. Pretend for a minute that you, and I are young again and that excitement is bubbling up in our soul…

You’ve been begging and whining and cajoling your parents for months to get you a pony. Your world will be complete if only you had one of the placid little horses that you could ride around in and pretend you were queen of the world. You’ve imagined the name, thought up games you could play, and wondered what the little horse would eat. Then one day, as you are walking by, you happen to overhear your parents talking. Mommy tells daddy that she already got you a pony. Your heart skips a beat. As the days march closer to Christmas you begin to wonder where they are keeping it. Is it in the garage? Nope. The toolshed? Nope. Maybe down in the basement? Nope. Maybe they are keeping it at someone else’s house until that beautiful day that pony will be yours.

It seems forever before Christmas Day finally arrives. At times a little doubt has been creeping in, but no. Mommy doesn’t lie. You heard her say she got you a pony and, by golly, that is what you are getting. Christmas Eve seems to take forever. They make you go to this boring service where at one point you have to sing Away in the Manger with all the other kids even though you don’t know all the words. The only fun you have is dripping candle wax on to the pew, but when daddy catches you doing it he takes your candle away. That’s OK, you’re getting a pony tomorrow morning. You can suffer a little bit of boredom now. Sleep comes eventually, and then the morning. You run down the stairs. No pony. You run out to the garage, no pony. Maybe they want you to open the other presents first so you begin to attack them with gusto. Three presents in, you understand and the disappointment sets in. There, behind the plastic and the cardboard box is your very own little pony.


React: Can you imagine the disappointment? You are convinced of the promise for your future, and it never comes to pass. You are positive you have it figured out exactly how it will work and then fate throws a wrench in the castles built in your mind. Inadvertently, your parents taught you a cruel truth about life. But sometimes, doesn’t it seem as though God works the very same way? You thought you had a promise from Him, but when time plays out it seems that all you’ve got is a cheap plastic toy. Let’s get to the core question, if God is good, why did this happen? He has promised something in His Word but I have never seen it in my life. What’s happening?

We have a list of great men and women in the Bible. They took some amazing risks and accomplished great things for God. But none of them received what He had promised. None of them. Why? Because God had promised something better for us. You. Me. Them. Us. And only together will we find the perfect. We dream of ponies, and we are disappointed with baubles, but God has something far better in store than what we have received or even what we imagined. One day we will ride a stallion in the army of our King. One day we will actually see God in all the greatness of His glory and that is what heaven is all about.


Dear God, help me to hold on to my faith through all the disappointments. Help me to learn to work through my doubts rather than try to bury them until they explode in unbelief. Help me to live in the tension between the now and the not yet. Help me to trust for Your promises in the now even as I realize that ultimately this world isn’t good enough for what You have in mind. Above all else, help me to never ever forget that You are good.

6 thoughts on “The Promise of a Pony (11/14/13)

  1. I have a general theory about this perception of not receiving what we are ‘promised’. It’s that what God has promised is only loosely understood on a mundane level, we equate it to what we KNOW and SEE and expect it to be the same as WE understand and know NOW.

    But what we should be most concerned about is what it WILL FEEL like to receive that promise when it’s time, when we are strong enough to receive.

    If God says, “you will know me” then I must trust that when my time on this plane is done, I will KNOW him as much as he dares to show me in that ever so slightly more enlightened state beyond death. Anything any sooner before that state where the soul can take in, or be immersed in, the energy that is the Creator and he risks shattering us as the vessel, any promise on this plane is going to pale in comparison to what God promises or offers fully, because our understanding is limited by our experience and what our mind can conceive, our soul is housed in this fragile vessel, and he dare not push too hard.

    Many many years ago, we believed in the miraculous, and our forefathers, the fathers of religion, wrote them down….and now when we read those stories we relegate them to symbolism, mythology, association, interpretation. But when they were written, when God was clearly showing man the track he wanted us on, it was not myth, but record, witness, truth.

    Since then, our minds have wandered and begun to question and study science, and we can’t see how miracles can happen so clearly. As we venture into the science of Creation, we flounder on the shoals, because while we have a theory about how Creation happens….we have yet to replicate a miracle. So we still question the legitimacy of our maker and taunt him with our disbelief and expectations of proof…forgetting that he needs us one day to walk in the gardens with him and talk about our experience of Creation and as fellow creators, he seeks us, and all he asks is that we live righteously and have faith.

    Have faith my friend….God is ever present, and touching your heart to know how many feel when seeking the Creator and being limited by faithlessness.

    Have Faith…and we will have faith with you.

    I’m tired, so if this doesn’t make sense I apologize….I guess I just was inspired to share my thoughts with you on this.

    Faith, is harder some days than others. But when you feel him brush against your cheek, or fill your body with his golden light….when you know he’s near…faith seems such a simple thing then….so have faith…a pony is only the smallest of things he can bring you. His greatest gift is his love for your humanity, for the flaws, the hopes and dreams….for the integrity of your soul as it tries to do what is Just.

  2. This is good–really good. First, I wanted a horse all my life and never could have one–believing I could have one made it even more believable that I would but it wasn’t the right thing. I could see that after many years and looking back.

    Funny about God, He will answer prayers in ways we never imagine. This is ongoing in my life today. I spent 2 years praying for something to happen. I couldn’t see what God was doing but He promised my prayer would be answered and it was…not exactly how I wanted but yes, better…not for me but for everyone or it seems that way. It wasn’t a selfish prayer and it was something where someone had fallen away from God. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes we are being prepared for what God is about to give us or do in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing this message. 🙂 Take care! 😀

  3. I believe we receive what He has promised, but what we want we might receive or not or we can receive it not when we want it but later when we can admin it…depending on what it is…. I think we receive things and sometimes we don’t see them w happy eyes bc they do not come wrapped in the way we thought … any ways, I like the post!

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