Giving Vs Blessing (11/5/13)

Read: Ezekiel 12:1-14:11, Hebrews 7:1-17, Psalm 105:37-45, Proverbs 27:3

And without question, the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed. (Hebrews  7:7)

Relate: I was in Walmart a couple days ago when I made an observation I think I make every single year. It seems that Christmas season keeps starting for the stores earlier and earlier. Each year the holiday season feels more and more commercialized and businesses want to ride the cash cow for as long as they can. In spite of all that, I do love the primary purpose behind all this commercialization and marketing. We are celebrating giving… rightfully so. Nobody is greater than Jesus. Nobody has given more than He did. Nobody has been blessed more than those who have accepted His free gift. At its core, celebrating Christmas is all about celebrating the gift, the blessing, that He has given to us.

React: The thing is, buying presents is not necessarily blessing others. How many of those presents are going to end up getting traded in at the beginning of January? How many of those gift cards are going to sit in that wallet for days, weeks, even months on end until finally the receiver of that gift feels guilty enough to try that restaurant out? How much stress and headache will people have trying to figure out what they should be giving for that friend or family member who already has plenty and won’t appreciate it anyways?

No, giving presents and blessing others are not the same thing. Sometimes giving time if a far greater blessing. Sometimes giving an unsought thank you will be a much better blessing. Sometimes giving to someone who does not have the power to give back will be a much greater blessing. So, as we are inundated over the next two months to buy, buy, buy… lets see if we can’t find some far better ways to bless others.


As the weather grows colder, there are tens of thousands right here in America who do not know how they will be able to afford the rising heating bills. Many, many more do not have a roof over their heads. Please pray for those for whom the winter cold is far more than just an inconvenience.

5 thoughts on “Giving Vs Blessing (11/5/13)

  1. I work in retail so i can say first hand how commercialized christmas has become. We arent even actually allowed to say “Merry Christmas” but instead must say “Happy Holidays” and though i do see some good will this time of year i see a lot more attitude and meaness as people battle for the best “gift” and lowest price. i love giving gifts during the holidays but i want to get those i care about something that will help them or touch them. Otherwise what is the point?

  2. What a different approach of Christmas! We don’t really realize the whole essence of Christmas
    hence we end up doing contrary.Indeed Christmas is not about eating and gift exchange but appreciating God’s Love for human kind.

  3. Christmas for sure comes and sure goes. But it is not forever. Thank God for His great gift of
    LOVE – JESUS. Reach out to Him and receive the greatest gift of LOVE, this Christmas.

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