What Are You Looking At (6/24/13)

Read2Kings 6:1-7:20, Acts 15:36-16:15, Psalm 142:1-7, Proverbs 17:24-25

Then I pray to you, O Lord. I say, “You are my place of refuge. You are all I really want in life.” (Psalm 142:5)

the mall

Relate: There was a time where I decided to become a mall walker. I don’t know if this happens in all malls or only in the one near me, but there is quite a few people, mostly senior citizens, who will show up at the mall a couple hours before most stores open to walk laps around the inside perimeter. Most of these, once the stores start opening will find their way to Arby’s where they will have their coffees and fellowship before continuing with their day. These walkers probably thought I was pretty lazy and slow. I would bring my Bible with me and read a bit then do a lap while praying, sit down and read a bit more then pray another lap. These older folk were passing by this young buck left and right.

I stopped doing it because there were too many distractions. I’m trying to pray but as I pass by lids my ADD would be telling me I really need a new hat. I’d pass by Bath and Body Works and wonder how much hand sanitizer I have left. Rounding Pac Sun… those sunglasses look nice. Coming up on Gamestop I’d remember that my version of football for the playstation is now 2 years old. One end of the mall has JC Penny. There’s a hole in one of my socks, I should really stop in there when I’m done.

React: I often like to go somewhere else when I pray but the mall isn’t a good place for me. It may be climate controlled but it certainly isn’t environment controlled. I didn’t realize how little I had until I started looking at all this other “stuff”. Maybe I’m just too much of an impulse shopper but I’ve come to realize that whatever I focus on is what I think I need.

Once I realized that fact, it has become an easy way to check where I am at spiritually. If it seems that my passion, my desire for God is waning then I am probably not keeping up with my spiritual disciplines. If I’m not reading my Bible or spending time in prayer as I should be, my desire for more of God wanes. Where I’ve been spending my time is where my mind and heart will dwell. As AW Tozer has said, “If I narrow my interests, God will enlarge my heart.”


God, it is so easy for distractions, for “stuff”, to invade even my time with You. It is so easy for the things of this life to pull me off of the path I long to walk with You. I am so easily distracted. Give me the discipline to focus only on You. You are all I want. You are all I need. Let the things of this life that clamor for my attention, that tug at my heart, to lose their grip until I can truly, honestly say that You are my everything.

17 thoughts on “What Are You Looking At (6/24/13)

  1. ‘I’ve come to realize that whatever I focus on is what I think I need.’ How true. I don’t know how many times the seemingly important stuff has melted into insignificance once looked upon with the benefit of hindsight.
    Love the way you put your posts together.x

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  3. I too would mall walk and pray until I realized that yes, I need a new hat….Ohhhh, hey those furniture pieces are really cool, how could I design something like that…. Great post. I think you are on to something here. Great post.

  4. I found it hard to pray in certain places because there are a lot of rude people out here. I remember in High School there was this girl who was loud and rude that would interrupt anyone that was doing something important just to get attention.

    • People don’t have to know we’re praying for us to pray. Paul tells us to pray without ceasing Brother Lawrence said his time at work and his time in prayer had basically become the same. Neither would be possible i
      f we always had to go through the positioning of prayer every time we talked with our Father.

    • I do have a room in the apartment for prayer/reading but I like to go somewhere. I have a favorite spot on (ironically) the river walk where I like to wrestle with God, weather permitting.

      • That’s nice.. 🙂
        Actually, I must give you a big credit by putting the time to pray.. Sometimes, people (including myself) only pray in the time of need.
        I really need to start disciplining myself…. 🙂
        God bless you..

  5. The distractions, always the distractions. They are part of the corruption in the world caused by evil desires (II Pet 1:4). Christ entered each day purposeful. Scattered throughout the NT are statements of why he was sent; e.g., to save the lost, to show us what God is like. He acted on the basis of narrowly defined purposes, as your quote of Tozer states.
    Are we on the run b/c we think we have so much to do (we are so important) or b/c we’re flailing about trying to do something right?
    If I spend time with the Father, early in the day, my day usually organizes itself.

  6. I can’t travel sometime to to arthritis but in one shopping mall many counties which I found to be too like a maize amidst the noise of the crowd and inviting shops I turned back and headed for the place near the hills where there are quiet walks just to reflect on what God wishes me to do next. I feel that sometimes we have to disconnect in order to keep connected to the inner voice. I’ learning to obey the inner voice more now that I’m older and learned but at times I’m just human and get caught up with unimportant events in these changing times. So am trying hard now to keep focused on where I am going and what I should be doing and am pleased to say that my strength is growing day by day trying to go where God wants me to be. Giving him a mention(genuinely) and Christ too always makes one closer to the light source(of good) thus making us grow. Leaving people behind at God’s request brings others to us if we wait. Took me years to learn where I went wrong. Ignoring that inner voice to stand up for what you believe(I don’t even belong to a Church) leads to bad choices in life but listening and obeying brings wondrous results.. Amen.

  7. Like scottishmomus, I was struck by the line that spoke of your needs being highlighted by what you focus on. That stuck out for me. More than that however, I ‘heard’ your search and pray I am given the desire to search for Him as you seem to be doing at this point in time. A good read. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing.

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