Divorce (2/28/13)

Read: Leviticus 22:17-23:44, Mark 9:30-10:12, Psalm 44:1-8, Proverbs 10:19

Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together. (Mark 10:8-9)


Relate: In 2009, 1,159,307 marriages ended in divorce. One million, one hundred fifty-nine thousand, three hundred seven couples said we can’t continue this anymore. That’s more than three thousand one hundred seventy-six every day. More than two every minute. That is just in the US. I can only imagine how staggering those numbers would be if you add in Canada, Great Britain, Europe, the world.

Back in college, when I thought I might possibly be getting married someday, I remember getting into hypotheticals with my friends. What would it take for you to get a divorce? What if this happened? What about that? I’ve seen many of those scenarios played out in the years since. I know a man with a PHD who because of an accident is no longer able to communicate through anything resembling language. He is trapped inside his mind and he has a wife who loves him through the disability and his outbursts of frustration. I know men… women who have been cheated on. I know those who have been abused. I’ve seen some try to work through their struggles, I’ve seen some go their separate ways.

React: God hates divorce. That’s not my words, that is God. (Malachi 2:16) I understand that there are times when it is necessary. If he is abusing you or the children, get out. Don’t look back, don’t wait… go. But most divorces don’t occur because of the big things. They are usually because the little things have stopped. He says, she says, “I just don’t love him anymore.” As if love is an emotion. Love is an act of will. So stop whining and act.

But like I said, God hates divorce. From cover to cover the Bible, God’s written revelation to us of Himself is all about reconciliation. Divorce leaves someone feeling inadequate. It is a mark of failure. But God will not, cannot fail and He will never view you as inadequate. He is a husband who will continue to be faithful no matter how many times you, no matter how many times I stray from Him. You may have been left, abandoned by an earthly spouse. You may have been cheated on, abused, hurt. That is not the picture of marriage God wants you to see. Maybe, like me you have never tied that not. Maybe you feel that no one will ever love you. He does. He is the ever faithful groom and there is nothing… absolutely nothing I could ever do for which he will serve me a divorce.


God, I’ve never known the joys of marriage or the agony of divorce, but I’ve been in love and I’ve felt as I never will know love again. I’ve felt unworthy. Especially, after some of the knucklehead mistakes I’ve made and some of the rebellious sins I’ve committed, I have wondered why You keep me around. Help me to always rest secure in the confidence that nothing will ever, ever… ever separate me from Your love. 

17 thoughts on “Divorce (2/28/13)

  1. God is always the faithful one. He will never divorce us. Thank you for reminding us that it is the Marriage of the Bridegroom and the His beloved the church that God will never let man separate.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, which is based on the rather devastating effects of my mother’s six divorces and seven marriages. I believe divorce is sometimes the best option, but I urge anyone considering divorce to THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN FIRST. There were SO many divorces in our family, and the children suffered so much. There were unwanted pregancies; alcoholism, drug addiction and even a suicide. We were powerless as children, and we knew it. I can’t think of one of us that didn’t act out to show our anger and hurt.

  3. “There is nothing, absolutely nothing I could ever do for which he will serve me a divorce.” These words are so true and beautifully stated. God loves us, and love is not a feeling. It is an action. It is a commitment. God loves me despite knowing me to my core and thus knowing all the yucky stuff that is inside of me. And that is the model he desires for our frail, human marriages – commitment, even when the romantic feelings fade and the yucky stuff floats to the surface. But so many have failed to uphold that model. What a comfort to know that a failed marriage displeases God but does not change his commitment to us!

  4. Awesome post….My husband and I have struggled through some extremely difficult times during our marriage ( we came to the brink of divorce)…it’s purely because of Gods grace and mercy we are still holding strong after 20 years! BTW… I LOVE your blog…God is working through you!

  5. He says, she says, “I just don’t love him anymore.” As if love is an emotion. Love is an act of will. So stop whining and act. Really got to me. Thanks for bring it to the fore!

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