Exodus 28:29 (Over My Heart)

In this way, Aaron will carry the names of the tribes of Israel on the sacred chest piece over his heart when he goes into the Holy Place. This will be a continual reminder that he represents the people when he comes before the Lord. (Exodus 28:29)

Read: Exodus 28:1-43, Matthew 25:31-26:13, Psalm 31:9-18, Proverbs 8:12-13

Relate: I’m flipping over to the AP news wire to see what has been happening in the past hour…

39 minutes ago, French Troops are battling Islamist Insurgents in Mali and have retaken a key airport.

37 minutes ago, Hundreds watch an accused with burned alive in Papua New Guinea.

11 minutes ago, 7.0 earthquake strikes Solomon Islands. 13 dead dozens missing.

51 minutes ago, 9 dead in shootings at a polio clinic in Nigeria.

13 minutes ago, Protesters fight army in Egypt as tensions rise after the death of opposition leader.

Within the past hour more than 150 children are murdered by abortion doctors here in the US.

Relate: Aaron is to carry the names of Israel over his heart as a reminder that he stands between them and God as an intercessor. His primary responsibilities as a priest is to bring them to God and to bring God to them. As a Christian, I am a part of a holy priesthood. Whose names do I carry over my heart. I picked 5 stories at random from the past hour. Insurrection, unrest, murder, tragedy, false religion… I could pick five new stories an hour from now and another five the hour after that. This world desperately needs God and I find myself focused on the narrow confines of the easy environment around me. Just as the threat of blizzard make me want to stay inside so does knowledge of the tragedy in our world make me want to stay here. But I have a responsibility to go out. I have work to do. We have a responsibility before God to go out. We can do that through our prayer. We can do that through our giving. We can do that through stepping out that door and going. How many of us have been shirking our God given responsibility? God, forgive me.


God, please expand my horizons. Help me to have a greater vision and a stronger passion for those You love. Help me to be obedient to Your calling. Make me an intercessor in prayer and deed. As I come before You, help me to carry Your world on my heart.

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